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Hello everyone! My name is Serita Diana, the owner and chief implementation expert at Inspired Life Inspired Business. That doesn't mean I do all of the implementing, or even most of it. It means that I'm the girl that knows HOW to get it done. I'm also an entrepreneur, just like you.

I began life as an entrepreneur in late 2004 when I began the licensing process to get my real estate license. For almost 4 years I was a licensed agent.  When I moved from Florida back home to Ohio I completed my AA in Business Management and turned my thoughts to how I could best utilize my background and my shiny new degree. That was when I stumbled upon virtual assistance. Perfect solution for me as I have 3 great (well most of the time anyway) kids that I wanted to be here for.

Well, as most entrepreneurs know, you are constantly evolving. As my business and skills grew, as my team grew, I knew I needed to stretch more. I was getting bored just doing what I had always done. I believe in learning, growing, and in not standing still. I was continually asked for opinions on marketing, web presence, and on implementation from colleagues and clients alike. When people heard my story of how I overcame severe physical disability to continue my entrepreneurial journey it inspired them. I realized that those ideas and developing the processes for implementing them; that my ability to lift others up and inject enthusiasm, optimism, and inspiration into almost any situation, is what I am truly passionate about. When I am helping and making a difference in the lives of other women entrepreneurs is when I am at my absolute best.

Today, I pass on the knowledge and skills I have learned in my own entrepreneurial journey.

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