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Common Sense for America

Common Sense for America

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FIRST HOUR: Hot Topix, a daily review of political news. SECOND HOUR: Scheduled guests. Produced by Reaper Productions

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Join our hosts Sarai and Fay as they explore that anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies the Obama administration and the US Department of State embrace in establishing a framework for peace. Created and Directed by Reaper Productions

Join our hosts as they explore the increase of black on white crime, how the media covers up the atrocities, and why you don't know about it. Created and Directed by Reaper Productions

Join our hosts as they discuss the real "haters" of America -- liberal racists. Tonight's show will explore white, black, and every other liberal racist who lies and hides behind ad hominems to sway the dim witted American. Some of the folks... more

Join our hosts as they discuss Obama's kill list, his homosexual bent, political hit list, murder list, socialism, communism, despotism, bribery, nepotism, voter fraud, radical czars, Val Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, and the "Chicago Way" that he... more

Join our hosts as they dissect all the scandals, lies, and obfuscations associated with what Barack Hussein Obama did NOT say during his 2014 State of the Union Address. Created and Produced by Reaper Productions

Join our hosts as they discuss the corruption, constitutional violations, and attacks on freedom at all levels of American government; beginning with the local town/city level, through the county/parish and state levels, and finally the... more

Join the return of our hosts for an in depth look at the different responses to Islamic terrorism, the infiltration of the US Government by Islamofascists, the Saudi Arabian stranglehold on US politicians and political leaders, Chechen... more

Join our hosts and guests for a detailed summary of "why" Barack HUSSEIN Obama should be tried for treason in a time of war and face the same punishment any other traitor would face. Our hosts will also explore the other option of... more

Join our hosts for a look at Obama's and Holder's Soros-guided plan to instigate a race war in America. Hypothethical? What better way to institute "social justice" and communism than on the backs of dead blacks and hispanics in... more

Join Sarai tonight for the second part of a look at the pedophile's writings and how they justify hate, murder, rape, butchering of non-Muslims, throwing acid in women's faces, engage in pedophilia, necrophilia, and beastiality, as well as... more