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Plaid for Women Radio is designed to help women develop strategies to achieve goals, get connected, and be heard. It's time for women to stop trying to be PART of the conversation; we need to CHANGE the conversation! Toward that end, our focus is on sharing thoughts that will help women discover their superpowers and use them for good, not evil. There's more tools for women to be found at You can also connect with me on Facebook: ThinkZinkRadio, or 20TipsForPowerChicks. You can also find and follow me on Twitter: @sarahzink. PLAID FOR WOMEN RADIO is on 24/7 - you can listen to archived shows any time you want - on your computer, your laptop, your iPad or your smart phone. Check us out and subscribe for FREE in the iTunes store! (

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Today, I'm welcoming Dr. Mary Ann Block back to the show to talk about vaccines and legislation. As of this show (3/27/15), Texas Representative Jason Villalba plans to introduce a bill to eliminate religious and philosophical exemptions to school immunization requirements. Much of this activity, locally and federally, was started by a measles outbreak caused by an ?unvaccinated woman at Disneyland?. A bill to eliminate these exemptions has already been introduced in California. We'll be talking about this sudden interest in changing vaccine laws, and what it could mean to you and your family. ABOUT PLAID FOR WOMEN: Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage ?The Business of Life?. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. LET'S GET SOCIAL! Plaid FB: Plaid TW: CONTACT INFO FOR TODAY'S GUEST: Mary Ann Block, DO, PA The Block Center 1750 Norwood Drive Hurst, TX 76054 817-280-9933 OUTTRO MUSIC BY JACK T. BLUES
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If you've ever found yourself crying at work, ?this one's for you?. I'm talking about crying (or coming close to tears) when you're trying to solve a problem, negotiate for a raise, trying to compromise on workloads, etc. Often, these tears are... more

I am NOT a medical or psychological expert; but I AM someone who has always struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder - as a child, and now as an adult. About 10 years ago, I discovered some methodologies that helped me focus and... more

Join me as I welcome Elizabeth Lions, author of "I Quit: Working for You Isn't Working for Me." Elizabeth and I will be discussing how you can take control of your destiny and move forward - by quitting your job. While it might sound... more

All too often, it's easy to look at someone and quickly identify what makes them a toxic friend. Sadly, we seldom take into consideration the fact the WE might be the toxic friend. Of course, that's because it's much easier for us to recognize... more

Grief is the pain we feel; mourning is the process. We'll NEVER 'get over it', we just learn to live with it and move on. How do we regain functionality and learn to live again after experiencing grief? EVERY Friday between now and the end of... more

Today I'm welcoming Karen Telschow Johnson with the Bob Leonard Law Firm in Fort Worth to the show. Karen and I will be talking about your credit and how relationships, changes in jobs and income and credit mistakes can impact your... more

Join me as I welcome Caren Goldman to talk about reunions with relatives during the holidays and how to deal with them in healthy and healing ways.

Any good parent wants their child to experience a better and brighter future than they have. Someday, we all want our daughters, nieces, grand-daughters and our friend's little girls to be able to live the lives they imagine. We provide our... more

There is nothing quite so demoralizing as finding yourself newly single around the holidays. It can be a shock to your system to discover that your holiday habits and traditions don't quite feel right. YOU ARE NOT DOOMED to having a miserable... more

Join me as I talk with Lynn Boyd, Director of Personal Support Services for Easter Seals in North Texas. We'll be talking about the services that Easter Seals offers to support caregivers and their loved ones with disabilities. Lynn can be... more
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