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Sarah Zink

Sarah Zink

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Today, Tricia and I will be talking about money, kids and college. Paying for college is your child's (or grandchild's) first adult business decision. How is it going to be paid? Who is going to help pay it? 

It's not necessarily a given that parents or grandparents will cover the costs, giving the rise of the cost of tuition vs. the rise of incomes. It's pricing moderate-income families out of a college education if they don't prepare for it. 

NOT ALL COLLEGE DEBT IS GOOD DEBT. Tricia will talk to us about the mentality, the math and the mechanics of how to help your kids get to college without breaking the bank. 

Plaid for Women Radio is the show where we don't talk about  topics you'll hear on 'typical' talk radio. We talk about the BUSINESS OF LIFE. Relationships, work, grief and mental health, communication, time management, health and wellness, and more. 

We believe that EVERY woman is a working woman, and our goal is to help women achieve goals, gain influence, and be heard. 

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