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It's time to "Get Zinked"! Plaid for Women Radio is designed to help women develop strategies to achieve goals, get connected, and be heard. It's time for women to stop trying to be PART of the conversation; we need to CHANGE the conversation! Toward that end, my focus is on sharing thoughts that will help women discover their superpowers and use them for good, not evil. There's more tools for women to be found at You can also connect with me on Facebook: ThinkZinkRadio, or 20TipsForPowerChicks. You can follow me on Twitter @sarahzink. THINK ZINK RADIO is on 24/7 - you can listen to archived shows any time you want - on your computer, your laptop, your iPad or your smart phone. THINK ZINK RADIO is there whenever you are.

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Today, I'm visiting with Elizabeth Lions, author and coach. We'll be talking about how, as a new leader or a leader in a new position, you can get a read on your team. How can you evaluate fairly? What are some of the core traits you need... more
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Mutti's War is based on the true story of Regina Wolff, a rather delicate young German mother who is forced to smuggle her three small boys out of East Prussia when the Russians surround it in 1944. Although the story takes place during... more

Nearly 40,000 Americans every year die from suicide. That's one every 12 minutes! More than 70% of all suicides occur in adult men. Today, I'm honored to be talking to Kevin Hines, author of "Cracked, not Broken: Surviving... more

Today's guest is Dr. Bruce Douglas with The Parenting Center. Bruce runs the FACT (Fathers and Children Together) program, focusing on helping fathers become better, more connected, parents. Plaid for Women radio is produced to... more

What are some of the innate differences between men & women when it comes to investing? Why aren't women more engaged in the investment process? How can women become more knowledgeable about the investment process and change... more

Joining us today is Terry Sullivan with Buzzpro. Terry and I will be talking about online branding and marketing, which social media options are best for you, trends in social media and actionable items you can take TODAY to propel your... more

Are you struggling with achieving your goals and don't know why? It's possible that, while your intentions are good, your language is not. Communication is a fragile thing, and WORDS MEAN THINGS. Good communication is about tone... more

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: We've all been in one, or have seen the devastating effects of them in our friend's or family's lives. Why do we enter into them, and once there, why do we stay? Join us as I visit with Elizabeth Kupferman with... more

What *is* drama? Where does it come from? Who is really at the root of drama? What are the costs of having drama in your life? How can you control drama in your life? What are the benefits of controlling drama? Tune in to hear... more

Many of us have headaches - some little, some debilitating. Many times, we never even know WHY we have a heachache; we simply reach for a bottle of medicine to 'make it go away'. Heacaches can be caused by spinal misalignments,... more
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