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RESET My Life is a new kind of show touching on relevant topics like Love and Relationships, Identifying Mood Disorders, and Alleviating Stress, all from a wholistic approach. Host Sarah Langley and Kier Berkel and Licensed Psychotherapists whose intent is to Renew your thinking, Restore your Soul, and Rejuvenate your Life with Practical tips and strategies from a Psychological yet Realistic Perspectives.

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5 years later, Sarah of Reset My Life with Sarah featuring Kier Berkel are back together again to bring to the radio world relevant information on healthy relationship and self care! Join us on our Brand New Radio Show, Friday, March 6th, 2015 at 2pm EST! Talk with you then!
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Psychotherapist Sarah Langley picks up where her colleague Kier Berkel left off as he shared on how to Beat the Holiday Stress, Sarah shares candidly on how to deal with Grief and Loss during the Holidays. Sarah describes the signs and... more

Licensed Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier share how to deal with the hustle and bustle of the holidays! The Holidays are supposed to be festive, jovial, Right? or Wrong! Prepare yourself, Mind, Body, and Spirit as Sarah and Kier explore with... more

Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier discusses Addictions and how it start. Explore with them on the various types of addictions, symptoms, signs, triggers, as well as share experiences. Will also provide resources and treatment for various... more

Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier discusses Family Values, norms, roles, status, position, family dyanmics, the potential barriers that ruins families, and ways of rebuilding the family structure.

Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier discusses mood and personality disorders. Show focuses on education and awareness of types of moods, symptoms, signs, and when to seek professional help.

Interracial Dating/Marriage. In Lieu of the Dr. Laura situation, Sarah and Kier explore thoughts, feelings, and conflict surrounding interracial couples and dating. Sarah and Kier are open and honest about their own thoughts and... more

Today's topic is about Blended Families. Psychotherapists Sarah Langley, LCPC and Kier Berkel, LPCMH discuss the meaning of blended families, the benefits and disadvantages of being in a blended family structure, experiences on... more
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