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RESET My Life is a new kind of show touching on relevant topics like Love and Relationships, Identifying Mood Disorders, and Alleviating Stress, all from a wholistic approach. Host Sarah Langley and Kier Berkel and Licensed Psychotherapists whose intent is to Renew your thinking, Restore your Soul, and Rejuvenate your Life with Practical tips and strategies from a Psychological yet Realistic Perspectives.

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5 years later, Sarah of Reset My Life with Sarah featuring Kier Berkel are back together again to bring to the radio world relevant information on healthy relationship and self care! Join us on our Brand New Radio Show, Friday, March 6th, 2015 at 2pm EST! Talk with you then!
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What is a relationship? That is the age old question, or is it this, how do you have a good healthy long lasting one? This show is geared to helping everyone know how to obtain and maintain a healthy long lasting relationship. Licensed... more

Licensed Psychotherapist Kier Berkel, discusses issues relating to the controversial topic of same sex relationships. Is is it a choice or hereditary? What are the characteristics of same sex relationships? Do they have the same... more

Forgiveness. What does that really mean? Why do we have to be the bigger person and forgive them? Don't we want them to feel and pay for what they have done to us? How is it they walk away unscathed and we are left with the... more

Sarah and Kier explore the 7 levels or types of listening to help you understand how to effectively listen and avoid misunderstandings when it comes to relationships. We talk at each other, but do we really listen to each other? Join... more

Intimacy is defined as knowing someone well. So why do we always assume that being intimate is exclusively for sex? Join Kier and Sarah in this important discussion about enhancing intimacy in relationships.

Licensed Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier discuss the basic communication styles that most people use. An overview of these communication styles will be discussed along with a brief explanation on communicating with a decreased... more

Sarah and Kier do a Part 2 in Bringing in the New Years S.M.A.R.T. in 2011. Discussion on how to obtain and maintain your desired goals, Changing negative views of self, others, and the world with postive outlook, determining liabilities... more

Are you ready for 2011? Or are you trying to get past Christmas right now? Hosts Sarah and Kier discuss how to prepare for 2011 by making S.M.A.R.T. goals and having a right attitude to sustain your newly changed Life!

Psychotherapists Sarah and Kier and together again to talk to the married couples on how to survive the Holiday Season. Stress, Depression, Lonliness are found in about 35% in adults ages 45 thru 60 during this time, and so Sarah and... more
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