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Coming Home with the Course

Coming Home with the Course


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Explore the life-changing teachings and uplifting daily lessons of A Course in Miracles. Join me in this healing and practical journey through the Course.

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How incredible that we are all the HOLYCHILDREN OF GOD HIMSELF! This is our natural inheritance and our true identity. Join me as we explore several lessons on this topic. Together, and with God's help, we can gently and firmly... more

In our culture, we may think that guilt is a "worthy" emotion showing that we are contrite or apologetic. However, the Course explains that guilt "serves no useful function at all"and in fact, makes us unhappy and conflict ridden. So how can we... more

TOnight join me as we review some beautiful lessons about the TRUTH of who we are. We will read and discuss Lesson 93--Light and Peace and Joy Abide in You and a few other related lessons. THe more we can accept the simple truth... more

When we realize that nothing outside of our own thoughts can seem to hurt us, we can be gripped with terror. It was easier to project our worries onto the world and believe that something outside of us was attacking us. But this moment is... more

The Course tells us we will identify with what we thin mmakes us safe--that may be the body, or money or whatever else we think provids our security. In truth, "Love is your safety." When we idntify with love, our true nature, we are... more

In tonight's episode, we will look at today's lesson (240) and find the great comfort that it offers us; "Fear is not justified in any form." Whatever form your particular fear may take, it is "but witness to your own illusions of yourself." It is not true... more

Tonight we examine three lessons that will help us in bringing more joy (truth) and less pain (illusion) into our lives. We start with today's lesson, 233 "I give my life to God to Guide today" and also discuss lessons 190, "I choose the joy of... more

"I will forgive and this will disappear." Such is the lesson God would have us learn to free ourselves from every form of suffering and in all our tribulations. (Lesson 193) Tonight we explore the way to peace through self forgiveness. Our... more

In tonight's show, we will read from and discuss Chapter8--"The Journey Back," as well as briefly discuss this past weeks Review lessons 201 through 205. We are truly not alone here; the "light of the world " goes with us. Does it ever feel... more

This week, we read from and discuss Lessons 189 and 190. Noone wants to suffer pain, but we have forgotten how much power we have over the experience of it. As stated in lesson 190 (I choose the joy of God instead of Pain),... more