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Conversations with Sapphire Jblue chats with Author Robert R. Gibson

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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”; “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, O Romeo…”

These quotes are quite famous for any student of either literature or love. The first quote is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the last two are from the great William Shakespeare himself.

Do you want to drop a morsel of sweetness into your lover’s ear? Do you want to ignite their passions with a well placed verse? This book achieves the same as the quotes above with snippets of longer poems written by Robert R Gibson, the PassionPoet, as well as small potent love verses called ‘Wordshines.’

The term ‘Wordshine’ was coined by the object of Robert’s affection while he was trying to court her by dropping a short freestyle poem into her electronic ear (he was using BlackBerry Messenger at the time) every morning, which was kept up for approximately three months. She said that it was like a burst of sunshine in her inbox using words, so she started calling them ‘wordshines.’

Near the end of the first month, she asked if he was keeping the poems and storing them - which, prior to this, he had not. The joy of creating and having her smile was his only reward. However, at her insistence, he kept the next two months of work in a file. Some of them are now in this volume.

This book is a potent addition to the Cassanova’s arsenal. In it are droplets of literary gold that have been panned from the river of Passion’s words. The mix of snippets and wordshines comes together to form a gold mine of sensual and romantic treasure that will be valued for all tim