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Conversations with Sapphire JBlue welcomes back Author Audrey Renee

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Still Caught Up: Nice Guys Finish Last -It’s with the skin of her teeth, Janae Campbell lives to see another day. The lesson of messing with a married man’s consequence was brutal and one well learned. With her friends and sister by her side, she makes plans to raise her daughter to be a better woman than she but after an unexpected encounter at a place Janae had no business, it was clear that someone had other plans. On top of that there was still another issue- which man fathered her child? Even with Shawnie being dead and cutting all ties with Cameron, Janae was still drowning in a pool of drama. You would think after losing his wife, lover, and almost his life, Cameron Jacobs would have had some sort of revelation but he didn’t. He was evidence that some things and people didn’t change. After Shawnie's passing, Cameron is forced into being a single parent of the couple's two children- Cameo and Chase. The reality of it was a harsh one. Once DNA is collected for Janae's daughter and the results come in, would two turn in to three? And they say, “nice guys finish last” but do they really? Jonas was tired of counting his losses. The best thing that had happened to him since the start of the drama was his relationship with his current girl-friend, Ryan (Ree-Un). Just like Janae, she was sexy, smart and established. The difference that counted was the fact that she wanted him while Janae didn’t. She wanted him all to herself and refused to share but if the baby girl turned out to be his, she would have no choice. Would her selfishness cause Jonas another loss? Just when you thought the web of infidelity, deceit and betrayal had reached its peak and the unraveling would begin, you find yourself even more entangled in even more lies, disloyalty, and deception. As truths unfold and hearts are broken with an innocent baby girl’s fate on the line, you realize that you’re STILL CAUGHT UP!