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Sapphire JBlue chats with Author K. Marquelle -

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In Love With the Game-Many people look down on people who choose to live the street life but none of them have ever had to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. They never had to wonder where their next meal was coming from, whether or not their lights were going to be on, and the other things that come along with being poor. But Khalil, Isaiah, Nadir, and Gino are four best friends who know what it’s like to live in the hood.

Khalil Jacobs is a sixteen-year-old boy tired of the project life and seeing his mother struggle to take care of him and his two younger siblings. Daddy was long gone so he has to step and be the man. He might be young but Khalil is wise beyond his years. 
Nadir Pullman grew up in foster care and lived a life of being bounced around from home to home, not having anyone to care for him until he came to live with Ms. Sue and met his three homeboys. Nadir isn’t a punk but he isn’t cut out to live the hood life either. Young Nadir wants to be a lawyer. 
Isiah Chance had to grow up faster than his homeboys, simply because he already has a family of his own to support. He lives with his sickly grandmother, his son Mason, and his son’s mother Natalie. 
Gino Thompson is the tallest and the huskiest out of the crew. He is the oldest out of his mother Cheryl’s four children. Gino, like his homeboy Khalil, took on the role of being a father to them. 
When Khalil grows tired of being broke he brings his friends in on a scheme to take over and make them the true kings of the city because being broke is no longer an option for them. 
Come join these young kings as they rise to the top of the game and give a whole new meaning to the phrase “started from the bottom.” The streets of Virginia will never be the same again.