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SapphireJBlue presents Author Julia Press Simmons

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Sassy: A Love Story-"A man who is good in bed will make love to you softly and sweetly all night long. A man who is great in bed will twist you into a pretzel and pound all the stress out of you. A man who is dangerous in bed will do both. That's the difference, Brenda. That's what's so addictive," Sassy said while puffing the blunt. She held the smoke in and looked away from her friend before exhaling slowly. "He sees me," she pointed to her heart. "He makes love to me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do they have a rehab for that? I need a twelve step program to walk away from that." 

Brenda snatched the blunt from Sassy and shook her head. "I'm sure his wife could recommend a few treatment facilities for that ass." 

Too Sassy: A Woman Scorned-his is a tale of a young woman who lost herself in a man, and had to fight hard to find herself again... 

“I didn’t rape your husband. I didn’t put a gun to his head and ask him to suck the life out of me. He did that on his own. I don’t even know why you’re even talking to me. You don’t fucking know me. Your beef is with him, so stop calling me and call your man. Oh and if you get a hold of him, tell him I’ll be ready by 7pm, and tell him I said not to be late…” 

The second installment of Sassy's Love Story is finally here and it is packed full of page turning drama, sex, violence, and betrayal!!!