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A show built for anyone interested in Boy Scout memorabilia. The weekly show features interviews with knowledgeable collectors in the hobby.

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I knew I was on to something when I saw tonights guest trading like a mad man using simple Facebook tools. Brad England has perfected a patch trading strategy that we are sharing on today's show. By creating a Facebook profile just for his... more

Boy Scout collectors will want to tune in to hear the conclusion of my interview with Roy More of the Scout Patch Auction talking about the long awaited revision of the OA reference guide known as the OA Blue Book. Its been just six... more

Order of the Arrow collectors have been asking for some time now - "what's up with the Blue Book?" Well today on the show we have the answer. Roy More of the Scout Patch Auction now holds the right to the publication and he is... more

Join me for some big announcements regarding Boy Scout patch trading at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) and the 2013 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree. I've known about some of this for months but... more

Tonight I'm happy to welcome Brett Estrade webmaster of to the virtual guest chair. Brett is an avid collector and former Lodge Chief of Chilantakoba 397 who has used his skills as a computer programmer to build a... more

On the show today I wrap up my three part conversation with John Pannell webmaster of We are looking for some action on the phone line as John is coming on live to take listener questions or comments.

Join me as I continue my interview with John Pannell of As the webmaster of easily the most visited website in the Boy Scout memorabilia collecting hobby - John opens up about how he built his site and gives us the... more

Here is the interview you have been waiting for Boy Scout patch collectors. I've got John Pannell of in the virtual guest seat for this show. John is going to share with us the story of how he took over a struggling website with a... more

In this episode I conclude my interview with Todd Kelly of Big Rock Publishing. Todd goes on to talk about classic Scout fiction of the teens - 1930s including some of his favorite titles. Boy Scouts looked a little different in those days and... more

Tonight my guest on the show is Todd Kelly who runs an online publishing business that has many Scouting titles in its inventory. Todd's passion for collecting Scouting memorabilia is old handbooks, magazines and especially... more
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