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A show built for anyone interested in Boy Scout memorabilia. The weekly show features interviews with knowledgeable collectors in the hobby.

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Tens of thousands of Boy Scout youth and adult members are packing their bags and heading out for the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree this week. You can count me among the crowd that is going to stream into a sleepy corner of West... more

Join me for the launch of a new and invaluable resource for the Boy Scout meorabilia collecting community. Brett Estrade and I are formally launching in this episode. Roughly a year ago I published an... more

Mike McAdams with help from Chip Elliott has just published Philmont Millennium 1 Second Edition which can be found at This book is the definitive guide to memorabilia issued for everyone's favorite high... more

Tonight you will hear the conclusion of my interview with Deryl Radder who was the founder of the Scouting Collectors Society. At one time this Yahoo club was the largest Scouting gathering of Scout patch collectors on the web. In this... more

Way back before there was the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group there was a time Yahoo was doing some really cool things with groups. From 1999 - 2006 the largest place for Scouters to meet up online and swap stories and... more

Boy Scout collectors that have been in the hobby a long time know the Trade-O-Ree scene pretty well. Your typical show is long on grey haired attendees and short on walk in traffic. But there is another way. John Ryan has... more

This is the show that all Boy Scout memorabilia collectors have been waiting for. At the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree patch trading will be an official scheduled activity for the first time ever. Patch trading between adult Scouters... more

What's the plan for this summer's big 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree? The Volunteer Program Group Chairman Russell Smart is my guest tonight and he'll take us inside the game plan for the Jamboree. One of the features... more

If you are on a contingent, signed up for staff, or just heading up as a visitor to the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree being held this summer at the Boy Scout's new Summit Bechtel Reserve property - then this is the show for you. Russell... more

Roy More of TSPA was in the middle of last year's ground shaking merger in Michigan that wiped out councils and may change the BSA playbook forever. As Roy says in tonights show, some of this "scares the hell out of national (BSA)".... more
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