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A show built for anyone interested in Boy Scout memorabilia. The show features interviews with knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Show topics include selling on eBay, resources for the hobby, interesting websites and people doing new things to promote the hobby of collecting Scouting memorabilia. My website is at

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When Boyd Williams attended the 1981 National Boy Scout Jamboree and traded a few patches he probably never thought he'd eventually become one of the well-known collectors in Tennessee. However, after moving back home to Franklin, Tennessee in 1994 and getting back active in Scouting he soon caught the patch collecting bug. As an active Scouter in the Middle Tennessee Council and Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge 111 he started collecting everything local. Along the way his passion for that local stuff led him to dig deep for council and district activity patches - something that many collectors ignore. In fact one of the reasons he states for getting into that niche is that others were'nt interested in it. So back around 2005 even though he admits to not being a computer genius he started building a website to document his collection and preserve the history of the activity patches from his council. was built using a now defunct software program so when it crashed in 2013 he got help from a local Scouter and set about building it back from scratch. Today, the website has neat district maps and every council and district patch that he knows of. Boyd has even expanded to add a category for the Grimes Canoe Base and the shoulder insignia of the MTC. In our interview Boyd and I talk about all this and I share how his site is an inspiration for me and should be to others.
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For more than a decade the Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp has been the goto reference directory for those interested in Scouting memorabilia. Glenn Chase is my guest tonight and I consider him to be one of the Internet pioneers... more When Gary Beadle looked up at the tall pine paneled wall of the Gulf Coast Council BSA Scout office he had an inspiration. Why not decorate the beautiful wall with a true council collection... more Ted Thompson was like many Boy Scout memorabilia collectors when he ran up against a collecting roadblock about five years ago. His main interest was council shoulder strips but when he got... more Boy Scout memorabilia collectors in this episode of Scouting Hot Finds Radio I wrap up 2013 and look to new projects in 2014. Over the course of the year there have been 18 episodes of the show published... more The effort to catalog and describe all known Order of the Arrow issues has been ongoing since the 1950s. Many old collectors will remember the Bill Price books that had a picture of each flap and attempted to... more
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