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The Paris911 Team. Local Agents in Southern California, Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. That is an area where we were screwed when we bought our first home. At that time, I was a motor cop for the Los Angeles Police Department. I was a BCMC - Big City Motor Cop. Now I'm a BCR - Big City Realtor. Without causing too much damage to our real estate brethren and sisters - we have become entrenched in providing the protection and service you might have come to expect from a loving mother or father. As Someone that has been scorned by the "real estate professional", only to find themselves entering the real estate business like a "bully vanquisher", we may yet save your day and improve your world view of Realtors. Coming from Law Enforcement Backgrounds - We are all about Protecting and Serving our Clients real estate needs.

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We have a method - several in fact. Before I take on a new system, let's say one that let's me publish the multiple listing service data on our websites, I make sure that data is the real thing and not something that has been placed with the "slip... more

Responsive design for a Real Estate website is what most agents will be in the coming years - Hail the early adopters!!!

It was not by chance, but we did come to agree that real estate and the local markets are really becoming much stronger as of late. There are a few factors - including recovery with the local Santa Clarita real estate economies. We are... more

Click here for our latest Update for Greater Los Angeles Real estate. You can also enter your email on that same page at the top - you will get this update only every two weeks, no more, no less. Be safe - thanks for listening, I'm Connor... more

First, a couple of resources. To get our Real Estate agent tip updates - click here. To view the site where we have our real estate agent tips - click here. The why and how of our Paris911 Real Estate podcasting efforts are easy to see... more

Read the full post on our Paris911 Business Blog about Micro Niche Websites. Thanks for reading, this should help you immensely... It works for us keeping us on the top of the Search engines for your local real estate market. Be safe -... more

I have to say, it was very nice being a guest of Chris and Jimmy, or Jimmy and Chris. I thought that Jimmy looks a lot like Chris, but I think my memory is a bit clouded due to age and the double Vodka soda's :) I had a very enjoyable time... more

Diane with the Visual Sense will be our guest for our Paris911 Radio Show talking about the latest in graphic design and her vision for a world accented with the best in design work and branding.

Have a look at a few of our Santa Clarita market options to do your own Santa Clarita Real Estate research before you buy or sell. Santa Clarita real estate market Santa Clarita Housing Market Be safe - search well and thanks for... more

For our real estate update today - we give the intel on how you can find out how much your neighbors home sold for. We also cover the "how to" find out what homes are for sale that are keeping a low, "without real estate signage and... more
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