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Afrika: From Slavery to Capitalism

  • Broadcast in Goals



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People from every walk of life are suffering. From one individual to another you will hear a unique story, but it is the same dark background that supports each tale.

I have heard the stories of many, and all if not most seems hopeless. 

I met Dunn, Aaron, Peggy, Tim, and Megan... Each one of them has a story...

Dunn has been working in the construction industry for a while to support his wife who is dealing with several health complications, and has been disabled for now 6 years. Dunn smokes. I told Dunn maybe it is time to stop smoking so he could be in best health to continue caring for his wife for even longer hopefully. Dunn told me the cigarette calm his conscience so he would not have to chock anyone out of frustration. Dunn could barely make enough to survive.

Aaron is well off. He makes enough for himself and his entire family, but Aaron could not have children. After a while trying, Aaron unfortunately lost his wife due to marital complications added to the fact he was not fertile. Aaron told God to take everything and give him a child.

Peggy is a single mother of 5. Peggy did well for herself. She had a good job for over 10 years. Her talents and determination have moved her up the corporate ladder fairly well. But the recession caught up with her and Peggy lost her job. Moreover, she was diagnosed with critical breast cancer two years after losing her job. She has no family, no friend, no support, and her house is about to be foreclosed on.

Tim was an orphan for as long as he could remember. Made a couple of bad decisions in his life, but Tim paid the price for his felonies. Despite anything he did, Tim never killed anyone. All Tim wishes for is a chance to change his situation. He is conscious that he may never get a job again, so he wishes to start a business. Unfortunately, as a felon, Tim is apparently the property of two states; consequently, he may not be able to.