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Africa: It's your Land - Take a Stand or Sell your Soul

  • Broadcast in Goals



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No conscious, caring, responsible person would allow a thief to enter their house and hurt their spouse, and or children. The thieves would have to force their way in by first neutralizing the parents.

I have seen a mentally challenged lady defending her baby, fighting and screaming against the authorities. She was homeless and somehow conceived, carried, and gave birth to  a baby. The authorities did not see fit to leave the baby in her care. They had to subdue her before taking that baby away.

So anyone that would let the thieves destroy their house without effort simply is a soulless being, an empty shell, a coward, a shame... A grain of sand is even more valuable than such person. A piece of shit would do a better job.

Dr. ML King, Jr. said it is better to die for something, than to live a shameful useless long life...

In all things, one must act with wisdom. It is better to live and fulfill than die a martyr with an unfinished business. One must not give the ennemy the pleasure to kill, and make your name famous as recognition of your work, which in fact is a celebration of their successful hunt. The hunter always keeps a trophy to commemorate the kill.

With the situation at hand, I challenge you to share your stand. After evaluating your want and your needs, it makes perfect sense how we are undeniably connected. Somehow, it takes someone to help realize another one's dream. The economic atmosphere sets the social mood as long as people are buying into the system. We can create our own order.

Bring your high sense and partake to this episode. I will develop in it the core of the matter.