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Your "NEW" Female Blog Talk Radio Host "Sandy Esther" is a Seasoned Psychic Medium & stands for Conscious Living. A Reformed Devout Christian of 28 years. Raised w/Pastors & Prophetess herself, is a Universal Spiritualist Practitioner, w/a pursuit for ONENESS as she herself has had a big change of heart. If you haven't learned that yet! Tired of the religious & atheist undertones, that leave us as an unbalanced race with little perception or option to even begin exploring the cosmic space. And feels people are led neither here nor there. While a Conscious disbelief of a Universal Consciousness that she feels takes just a dose of Science and a whole lot of mixed Spirituality together to make the right amount of brew. Sandy Esther has experienced many things in her lifetime & major past life awareness to know better. She has a very high regard for Jesus and believes Jesus to have grown into a Bigger name if understood as a Universal Icon instead of made out to look like some guy trying to rob people of their own minds, paid for by guilt not sacrifice, & will only help certain folks. As if there are no Aliens! No, no, no. Not at all what Sandy Esther knows to be True. Again, Sandy Esther knows better & follows Jesus' greatest example, Himself as a Christ and now believes she's a Goddess and Buddha nature. (Will anyone tell her otherwise?)In order to understand Universal Views that are of Healing, Freedom, Love, Compassion, Purity, and Understanding, Sandy Esther has once again put herself on the line to discuss everything under & above the Sun to let the Biggest Secrets Out! Sandy Esther looks forward to meeting people of many different areas to discuss some of her major interest: Conscious Living, Healing, Quantum Physics, Psychic Readings, UFO Sightings, Exorcisms, Angels, & Arcturians. "But for my faith in God, I should have been a raving maniac." Mohandas Gandhi

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Psychic Sandy Esther

Humans and Wars

  • by Psychic Sandy Esther
As my 12 year old daughter reads Anne Frank, I stop for a moment's panic realizing that all things are possible. Picking up thoughts i didn't want to think.Let us not call upon spiritual persecution and/or world destruction, what is the use... more
Psychic Sandy Esther

Sandy Esther's Praise & Worship Music Picks

  • by Psychic Sandy Esther
For when you feeling down or in need of a word from God.Draw Me Nearer: Of My Soul: A Tus Pies:... more
Psychic Sandy Esther

12 Divine Universal Laws

  • by Psychic Sandy Esther
12 Divine Universal Laws1. The Law of Divine Oneness:The Law of Divine Oneness helps us to understand that we live in a world where everything is connected to everything else. Everything we do, say, think and believe affects... more

In this Episode, Sandy Esther interviews a woman with a haunted house. As a Healer, Sandy Esther looks forward to shedding a shaft of light right into your surroundings and further enlighten on the phenomenons of Divinely... more

Because Sandy Esther CAN!!!! Spiritual Psychic Medium, Prophetess, Universal Spiritualist, and a Libran Goddess faced with the turbulence of Scorpio's ranging energies... Pluto. Divine Intervention is on the Loose! Get the help you need in... more

On this Program Powerful Psychic Medium, Healer, and Universal Spiritualist Sandy Esther interviews a woman that has extensive knowledge, profound training, and extraordinarily enlightened with Toltec Teachings, UFO Sightings,... more

The Phenomenons of Divine Healing. Do you need it? Sandy Esther believes, no matter the path you are on, we all need it from time to time. Sandy Esther is very excited and honored to present the moment she predicted would come, having... more

On 10/10/10, Sandy Esther is having a conversation with her friend. She is a 20 year SGI Buddhist, and very knowledgeable on topics like philosophy, human civilization, Aliens and UFO sightings. Sandy Esther has asked her to be on this... more

Get Ready for your "NEW" Female Blog Talk Radio Host Highly Accurate with Dates and Time-frames, Psychic Medium "SANDY ESTHER" where she has opened up the lines to take calls from people in Alcoholic Relationships that with... more