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The Universal Learning Series Radio Show -Mind/Body/Spirit & Science Join us as we journey and explore the great mysteries of life from spiritual and scientific perspectives! Disclaimer: All statements, opinions, comments, views, or policies expressed on the ULS Radio Show and/or this website by guests, authors, or others are not to be relied upon or construed as those of The Universal Learning Series or endorsed in any manner by Sandy Andrew or the advertisers of The Universal Learning Series. Listener and viewer discretion is advised.

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Angela McGhee is one of the most sought after and most talented Mediums in the U.K. Internationally she tops the polls in the USA for the most believable psychic, after her appearance on Living TV’s “Psychic Investigator” series. Angela has... more

Over thirty years as a family therapist, sex therapist, teacher, speaker, researcher, poet, editor, and author have prepared Gina Ogden to become America's premiere voice for women, sex, and spirit. She has listened to thousands of... more

My Big TOE is about life, purpose, personal significance, physics, evolution, and the reason why. The acronym "TOE" is a standard term in the physics community that stands for "Theory of Everything." Such a theory has been the "Holy... more

In the book Cosmic Conversations, astronomer Stephan Martin talks with some of today's most innovative and cutting-edge thinkers on the nature of the universe and our relationship to it. Scientists, mystics, indigenous elders, and cultural... more

According to Dr. Robert A. Linden there are four major dilemmas at work in the rapid decline of the United States' healthcare system: 1. The disappearing primary care sector. 2. Healthcare insurance reform. 3. The influence of the... more

Discussing Dr. Robert Piccioni’s book Everyone's Guide to Atoms, Einstein & the Universe. This book allows the reader to enjoy exploring the mysteries of the universe, from the micro-world to the cosmos, and explains the major... more

It is said that the choices we make determine the lives we lead. In this book Great Peacemakers you will meet twenty inspiring individuals who have made peace their choice in life. Exploring a wide range of approaches to... more

Alexandra Bruce’s new book 2012 Science or Superstition is based on December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless websites, magazine articles, and... more

Has the term New Age has fallen from fashion? 24 percent of Americans according to a Newsweek poll have been stuck in an identity crisis over what to call ourselves. Most of us walk alone, often lonely on our individual paths, and... more

This is an empowering book for anyone on a journey that has suddenly taken an unexpected and frightening turn. Created from Anne Marie’s journal entries during ten months of diagnosis, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments,... more
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