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Sandi Tuttle

The Average Superwoman Show


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All things amusing (and not so amusing), about waking up as an average woman surrounded by superwomen in the world today! Surviving it, enjoying it, and what to do when you encounter a Superwoman - we will talk about it all!

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Even average superwomen dream. They have hopes, fears and Kryptonite moments. What would YOU do to embrace your dream? To make it reality? To find your true superpowers? Tune in for today's episode to find out what THIS... more

For millenia, people have longed to know if their child would be a boy or a girl. Henry VIII was so desperate for a son that he famously made divorce fashionable (and took stronger steps when divorce was not an option). Now, thanks... more

Sometimes, things happen in our daily life and we just have to use the "F" Word - but which F word is the right one? Tune in and find out which F words I use every day!

Healing takes many shapes. For example, as we grow, we encounter situations that can be incredibly painful, incredibly damaging. Bullying in school, cliques in the workplace, mean girls who grow into mean women, the list goes on and... more

It's often said that if each one teaches one the residual changes can shape the world. With this in mind, Marcus G. Williams III has been doing his part to change the world for the better, one child at a time. Through programs and seminars... more

So much in our daily life seems to rob us of our energy. Stress, bills, family, work – all these things bring their own baggage with them. We carry all these bags on our backs, trying to lug them around and still move forward. How can... more

Learning is the first step. Growing and improving is the next. That is why The Average Superwoman Show is proud to announce the first of our new Guest Hosts for our show! Once a month, Kat will be bringing you her segment, Kat... more

Back to School time isn't always just new backpacks, new sneakers and new teachers. Sometimes, it also means new scary challenges on the bus, in the hall, in class. Bullies seem to be everywhere, any age, and the reality of bullying... more

How many of you have missed work, school, a special event because of chronic pain? How many of you have suffered for years with migraines? If you are tired of being a prisoner of pain, here's the chance to declare your Independence!... more

BROADCASTING ON A SPECIAL DAY AND TIME! As I often say: Life is Chaos, with occasional moments of clarity. It isn't the other way around, no matter how much we wish it was so. And that is where most of us run into problems.... more