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Keeping it Real Buddy


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Striving for biblical common sense in a nutty Christian world!

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Message by Pastor Stephen Anderson. The New World Order in the Bible. Teaching on where the city of Babylon referred to in the book of Revelation will be geographically located when everything comes to pass.

Message by Pastor David Berzins. Jesus clearly explains all of the signs and events that will happen leading up to his second coming and the rapture of the saints. This Bible study looks closely at Matthew 24 to see how Jesus answered... more

Message by Bro. Fannin. Repent of your sins to be saved? what does the bible say? Mat 21 :32 For John came unto you in the way of righteousness, and ye believed him not: but the publicans and the harlots believed him: and ye, when... more

A great message by Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church. Visit the church's website at http://www.veritybaptist.com/

One of the most serious heresies facing the Christian church today is the "repent of sins" heresy, a.k.a. "Lordship Salvation". Ray Comfort preaches works-salvation (link mentioned in sermon) - http://www.livingwaters.com/save-your... (end of... more

Faith healer/Prosperity Preacher Rod Parsley turns to modern medicine to battle cancer. How come he couldn't heal himself since he is a self proclaimed "faith healer?" How about his other "faith healing buddies?" I will be going over a... more

Many Pastors across America will preach that salvation is by grace through faith and not of works. But, when you look closely, you will find they teach a worked based salvation. Pastor Steven Anderson will explore this subject for the... more