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You Are Loved


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Real spirituality for real life. It's messy, imperfect, and beautiful and it's all here in a program for people of all faiths--and doubts--to give courage, joy and strength for the day.

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While making the decision to attend seminary, I began to dip into a world I didn't know much about--a world different than my own, a little bit scary and totally unfamiliar. And yet this strange world I started to learn about it--parts of which I... more

What would you say is the single most powerful spiritual practice--outside of love? I found out through some trials and some errors that there is one practice we can all do that brings incredible freedom, joy and peace. It's part of every... more

Remember the famous SNL skit where Stuart Smalley states: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough?" I can remember laughing hilariously when I first saw it. There's nothing like making fun of something you know intimately and I've... more

I was ordained 12 years ago this month in a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I took some impressive vows, too. But the journey leading up to that day showed my real commitment to being a "minister," and, as with... more

I had a little problem yesterday that involved a vacuum cleaner. While trying to fix the trouble, I realized that I was doing what most of us do when we have problem--and when I finally figured out the solution, I had a good laugh. Not... more

All of us have days when we wake up "in a bad mood." We go through "funks." We "wake up on the wrong side of bed." We "need a vacation!" Did you know you can improve your mood radically without a holiday or winning the lottery... more

The power of patience can't be overestimted! We are all tempted to give up at certain points and often go through times in our lives when we feel as if our prayers aren't being heard and certainly aren't being answered. Waiting seems... more

How patient are you? It's often said that "patience is a virtue" but what does that mean? Some of us are naturally patient and some of us struggle to have any patience at all--but in either case, the rewards of having patience are immense... more

Each us goes through times of challenge. During the course of a life, we will find ourselves facing hardships we have no idea how to overcome and few us of us have strong role models who taught us how to handle the hard times. But we... more

It doesn't take much to get a person down. And all of us, at different times, go through periods of real hardship, occasionally being hit by many significant troubles at once. Getting stuck in a place of "gloom and doom" is a habit for... more
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