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They were not cheering against America, they cheered for it

  • Broadcast in Politics
'WIld' Bill Lindley

'WIld' Bill Lindley


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Those who clapped and cheered when news came that Chicago didn't get the 2016 Olympics were not glad America lost, they were glad that Obama lost and was exposed as less popular and less the world leader his PR machine has tried to convince the world he is. They cheered for reality hitting Obama in the face and because it showed he is not all that. They cheered because maybe his sway on health care reform and cape-and-trade and more big spending - policies that many believe are harmful to America - may have a chance of defeat. They cheered against an ego run amuck and a president running for the world leader rather than one whose priority is to run America. They cheered because Obama thought he could just ride in on his white horse and get credit for getting the 2016 because he was Obama the great. They cheered because the loss for Obama showed a chink in his armor and perpetuation of his myth of hypnotizing charisma that causes women to faint and men to have chills run up their legs. It shows that the world isn't falling for it hook line and sinker. It showed that maybe there are brakes on what some see as a run away train off the track and heading over the cliff. Americans want a better America and a better future and many do not believe dear leader is taking us there. They were cheering for America not against it. They were cheering that finally there was some truth about Obama that could not be concealed. The media can't always provide the magic carpet.