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The lie of the century - War on Iran

  • Broadcast in Politics
'WIld' Bill Lindley

'WIld' Bill Lindley


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"Wild" Bill Lindley tells the truth. The question. How may times do you have to tell a lie before it becomes the truth? Answer. A lie never becomes the truth no matter how many times it is told. The media and politicians, especially Netanyahu, keep saying that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has said "he" will "wipe Israel off the map." This a a lie no matter how many times it is said. At a seminar on a world without Zionism, not without Jews, but, without the cult that believes that Palestine has no right to exist because of Isreali biblical claims to the land on which Israel and Palestine exist. The seminar took place before the word "zionist' was redefined to mean the Jewist identity. At the time of Ahmadinejad's speech at the seminar "A World without Zionism," it meant those Jews that made biblical claims to Palestine. So, it could be said that the issue was then picturing a "world in which people did not refuse to recognize Palestine's right to exist." In any event, Ahmadinejad quoted from the Ayatollah Khemeni and, depending upon the interpretation, said, quoting Ayatollah Khemeni as saying he hope Israel would "vanish" or "collapse." Ahmadinejad did not say "he" was going to "wipe Israel off the map."