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No-holds-barred Christian commentary on current events and culture. Topics include politics, entertainment, religion, media and social issues. Each week, we'll confront the issues that are defining our culture and our world, the controversial topics that challenge the faith of every Christian believer ... creation/evolution, abortion, promiscuity, persecution, immigration, patriotism and more. Add your spice to the mix!

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Today's segment will focus on the reasons we are thankful, and to Whom we express our thanks. We will look at the history of Thanksgiving in America (the New World) to uncover the roots of this holiday. We will compare the... more

In the beginning, God told His created creatures to "be fruitful and multiply." In fact, all of creation was teeming with life. He never took back His command and His desire for life to flourish on the Earth. Why do we resist? Why do we... more

Today's show will focus on encouragement. What are you suffering from today? What are your fears or doubts? What challenges or obstacles are filling you with trepidation and dread? We all have those. I have mine; you have yours. Despite... more

Now that America has chosen Barack Obama for a second time as its President, what is the future of conservatism? What happens to these conservative ideals: Life Immigration/ citizenship Marriage & family Religious liberty Rule of law -... more

Our focus today will be on Psalm 94 and on the persecuted church around the world. We will pray specifically for the persecuted and imprisoned in Iran, Eritrea, Pakistan and Egypt. You're also welcome to call in today and we will pray with... more

Call in today with your problems, pains and petitions and we will pray with you and for you during the show.

How did life begin? How did we get here? Did we arrive, or did we arise? And when? How old is the universe? How old is the earth? Does it really matter what we believe about origins? What does the Bible say?

Why does Christmas matter? The short answer is: Because Christ matters. We'll explore this topic in more detail in this segment of the Saltshaker ... spicing up the airwaves with the truth of God's word and the voice of His people.

The tendency in Western culture is to define man as inherently good. Is this what the Bible says? If man is inherently good, why does he need God? Why does he commit perpetual crimes and atrocities? How does this change the message of... more

In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, Jesus tells His disciples that they are the "salt of the earth." He then goes on to describe the ways that His disciples are to purify, pacify and persevere as they walk in His footsteps. In this week's show,... more
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