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Sales Call Reluctance Coach


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Helping salespeople and entrepreneurs to get their "ask" in gear. Overcome Sales Call Reluctance.

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Most salespeople Foul Up in their Follow Up and lose out on viable opportunities. They do not have systems in place to ensure their success. Please join us for an interesting interview with Phyllis Zusman who helps salespeople get organized.... more

Successful salesepople generate their own leads. Join me for a dynamic, power-packed interview with the authority on Mastering LinkedIn. Jan Wallen wrote the book on LinkedIn – literally. She's the author of Mastering... more

Recently a mid-career salesperson objected to my advice to use a prospecting script. He said ?I don't want to sound canned.? Well, if veterans are using scripts, we all need to be creating and delivering our scripts with mastery. Please join... more

Okay all your Facebook fans and Twitter heads: Listen up. Let's find out what the scientific research is showing about social media and selling. Join us for a leading edge conversation with Trelitha Bryant, the VP Field Testing and Research,... more

When is the last time you heard a client say "we decided to go with another company" or "we no longer have a budget" or "thank you for all you did, our CEO nixed the project." Ugh. . . oh that feeling is dreadful in the moment; isn't it? Join... more

When is the last time you felt a little awkward about business etiquette and you wished you had access to a Certified Protocol Professional? Join us for a leading edge conversation with Gloria Petersen, Certified Protocol Professional,... more

Join us for a leading edge conversation with Denise Michelle Starrett about what some sales leaders have that enables their success. This conversation reveals what the energy around influence has to do with sales and what prevents... more

Please join us for an inspiring interview with Larry James, President of He has been a full-time professional speaker, author and relationship coach since 1987. At age 10 he made is first sales call and he's... more

We experience basic life through our five senses: see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Are you using visual images to keep you focsed on what is important to you? Please join us for an inspiring interview with George Kao who is... more

Please join us for an inspiring interview with Ana Melikian from Amaze Coaching. Ana Melikian is a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach and she helps coaches and consultants to develop an authentic online presence with simplicity and ease,... more