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Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard and co-host Jim Hamlin interview a huge variety of special guests who share Ideas about sales, marketing, business and success that will help you create more sales and more income for you and your company.

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Join our guest, business comeback coach, Marc Mawhinney, co-host Scott Zimmerman, genius creator of Sales Elevator and THE Sales Wizard as we talk about how to avoid the pitfalls and challenges that are so common in small... more

Our guest, David Tyreman, is a branding and marketing genius. He went from flat broke to a $20 Million company in just a few short years. You're in business to grow and prosper. You want and need people who buy your product or service,... more

Our guest, Pamela Herrmann is a client acquisition and retention expert. You want more clients for your business. You want to work with and serve them for years to come. The challenge is that business, sales and the economy have changed... more

You want to excel in business. And you want time to do the things you really want to do. Your business has grown. And you're working long hours because there's so much to do and noone else can do it. You want to delegate. And you're... more

You're a salesperson, manager, business owner or executive, which means that you're a leader. The most vital skills you need to develop are creativity and innovation! Without them, your prospects of success are greatly decreased!... more

Our guest, sales superstar, Butch Bellah, talks with us about his new book,The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging Into the Power of Ten. You want more sales, more income and more fun! Butch is just the guy who can tell you... more

Author and Profit Centered Selling coach, Bob Rickert joins us to talk about his new book, "Profit Heroes". If you're a business owner or salesperson, profitability is your goal and major concern. Bob shares a new paradigm of selling to... more

The incredible Jia Jiang returns to Chalk Talk to discuss more of his adventures in 100 Days of Rejection therapy. If you've ever experienced fear around asking...asking for the appointment, asking for the sale, asking for referrals or... more

Marketing genius, Jess Clifford, is joining us for this show. We'll be talking about the importance of getting our lives and businesses aligned with true success principles and how to communicate our value to our prospects and clients. If you... more

Author and Adventure Coach, Karen Fritz, joins us for this show to talk about creating a life of passion, adventure, fun and excitement. She'll share some strategies for discovering what our lives can really be and the art of melding... more