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Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard and co-host Jim Hamlin interview a huge variety of special guests who share Ideas about sales, marketing, business and success that will help you create more sales and more income for you and your company.

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You want your customers and clients to purchase your products and services again and again. You want them to be your customers foerever (or at least as long as you choose to stay in business). You want them to tell their friends nice... more

Want to be great at business? You can be! Listen in as eight of the 15 coaches who make up the brand new Elite Business Academy join the show tonight to talk about business, sales, marketing and success. Guests include time/task... more

You want to have consistent growth in your business, consistently great sales and consistent income. Instead, you're experienceing the sales roller coaster. One month sales are great, the next not so wonderful, the next lousy and then... more

To be successful in marketing your business in this day and age, it's not only important to be involoved in social media and other marketing's important to do it well, so that people notice you, remember you and engage... more

Business experts James and LaDonna Kelly join us on this broadcast to discuss the importance of planning your business activities and success instead of shooting from the hip. Whether you're just starting your business or are ready to... more

Selling is all about questions, and you need to know how to ask great, high yielding, open-ended questions if you want to increase your conversion ratios, your sales and your incomes. Our special guest, Deb Calvert, literally wrote the... more

Lisa Crilley Mallis, the Time Strategy Visionary is the special guest on Chalk Talk. You'll get some tremendous tips and strategies for minimizing or eliminating distractions in your business and your life. You can have the satisfaction and... more

You want to perform in your business, your relationships and your life at your absolute peak. And it's incredibly difficult to do that when your back hurts and you have a difficult time sitting, walking and moving. When you're in business... more

Our guest, James Clouser, is an expert sales copywriter. You can learn to write sales copy that converts an extremely high percentage of the time. You can get the attention of the people you want to sell to and avoid the high-pressure,... more

You're working hard and struggling to build your business. There's a better way to do it! Join co-host Jim Hamlin and THE Sales Wizard as Jeannie Spiro, our special guest on Sales Chalk Talk. shares the secret and her own incredible... more