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The Sage of Quay Radio Hour

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour


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Tonight is Part 1 of my conversation with Anita Whitney. Anita is an expert in the corporate contract government structure which masquerades as representative government to intentionally mislead the public in order to advance corporate objectives over the will of the people. I highly recommend everyone visit Anita's website anticorruptionsociety.com which is a wealth of information designed to help you understand how we are all governed and administered to by a system of corporate commerce and not the Constitution. Anita's site also contains a plethora of links, documents and templates to assist you in protecting your rights under the contract based system that has been imposed upon us and without our consent. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/ http://sageofquayradio.blogspot.com/
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Tonight returning to the show are my very special guests Elisa E. and Elana Freeland. Elisa will take us through her MK Ultra deprogramming process and how that process must include an inner spiritual awakening in order break... more

Robert Morningstar returns to the show. In tonight's discussion Robert will take us through his personal journey which lead to his unrelenting and extensive research into the conspiracy behind the murder of John F. Kennedy. A journey... more

Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show. Ole is one of the preeminent researchers studying and exposing the dark business of assassination and false flags. For tonight's discussion Ole sheds new light on the July 2011 Norway... more

Tonight my very special guest is Karen Doonan. Karen is an author, channel and spiritual counselor. She is known for her Truth Codes blog and her writings on how to exit the old earth. Through her work Karen is helping humanity move... more

Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show. Sofia will discuss how the current form of government at the federal, state and local levels is a corporate structure and not representative government. She will then explain how this corporate... more

Tonight Cara St. Louis returns to the show. Cara is an author and an alternative researcher. She has two great books out at the moment; one is The Sun Thief and her most recent title is Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation... more

Tonight my very special guests are Elisa E. and Elana Freeland. Elisa is a survivor of the MKULTRA mind control program. She has authored two books titled Our Life Beyond MKULTRA where Elisa details her involvement in the... more

Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show. Sofia will talk to about a presentation she recently reviewed called 'Iodine - Could this be the solution to your health problems?' The presentation is from the 2007 Iodine Medical... more

I was recently a guest on The RearView Mirror radio show. The discussion includes the mass media's mind control programs and the overt use of occultism by the elites to steer their agenda. We also discuss chemtrails, Common... more

Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show. Ole is a prize winning author, investigator and former journalist. His extensive research has revealed incredible links to other big political 'events' like the killing of John F Kennedy,... more