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Tonight my guests are paranormal investigators Pam Nance and Ashley Field. Pam and Ashley are the founders of Spirit Hunters of the South and have investigated over 70 historic sites in the mid-Atlantic and southern United States. Over time the team has aligned their research and paranormal investigative techniques with methodologies and theories from the fields of archaeology, anthropology, history and quantum physics. I know you will find the conversation fascinating as we discuss Pam's near death experience, growing up with paranormal experiences, how quantum physics comes into play, the team's methodology and most importantly their results. During the discussion we will talk about the extraordinary EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon Pam and Ashley have captured during their investigations. Several of the recordings are included at the end of the interview so the audience can hear for themselves.
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The topic of today's show is Agenda 21 and our guest is expert Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center. Tom will explain what Agenda 21 is, it's nefarious objectives and how to stop it. Tom is one of the nation's leading... more