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The Sage of Quay Radio Hour

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour


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Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show. In tonight's discussion Michael will fills us in on what is potentially the most difficult environmental test in history to conclusively prove that the on-going aerosol spraying program is not simply contrails but a very dangerous mix of chemicals which is disrupting and impacting our collective health and well-being and resulting in world wide damage to the environment. The test will be performed by paragliders at 30,000 feet which is the same altitude commercial airlines fly at. The air samples from the spraying will be collected by the paragliders and later analyzed to assess the content of the aerosols. There will be several test performed in order to gather as much data as possible. The results of the testing will set the stage for legal action in an effort to halt the UN climate change agenda of implementing carbon taxing which is designed to monetize the very air we breath. http://www.coalitionagainstgeoenginee...
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Eric is a leading and prominent voice behind the revival of the Flat Earth theory. He currently lives in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun which is the traditional Chinese martial art of self defense. Eric has also written a number of... more

Mike Williams is the host of the popular YouTube channel, The Sage of Quay Radio Hour, and is a professional hypnotherapist by day. We delve into a sincere look at how permeable our minds are. The type of conditioning we... more

This Part 1 of a two part interview. From Sofia's website - We finally get the chance to hear optometrist Dr. David Dortch talk about the SWAT raid on his home and the false criminal charges brought against him by Riverside County,... more

Tonight we will talk Geo-engineering with my very special guests Suzanne Maher and Greg Pallen. Suzanne is a prominent Canadian activist and the co-founder of the very popular Facebook group and website Bye Bye Blue Sky. Greg is... more

Anita is an expert in the corporate government structure which masquerades as representative government which is designed to intentionally mislead the public in order to advance corporate objectives over the will of the people. I highly... more

Coalition Against Geoengineering activists Michael Murphy and Jolie Diane connected with me to bring exceptional news to the table regarding the battle to stop the on-going Geoengineering programs and to halt the legalization of... more

Tonight is Part 1 of my conversation with Anita Whitney. Anita is an expert in the corporate contract government structure which masquerades as representative government to intentionally mislead the public in order to advance corporate... more

Tonight returning to the show are my very special guests Elisa E. and Elana Freeland. Elisa will take us through her MK Ultra deprogramming process and how that process must include an inner spiritual awakening in order break... more

Robert Morningstar returns to the show. In tonight's discussion Robert will take us through his personal journey which lead to his unrelenting and extensive research into the conspiracy behind the murder of John F. Kennedy. A journey... more

Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show. Ole is one of the preeminent researchers studying and exposing the dark business of assassination and false flags. For tonight's discussion Ole sheds new light on the July 2011 Norway... more