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The Barbershop ~ Flags of Tyranny

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You're surprised? You shouldn't be. This is the direction this country has been moving in for the longest. You delude yourselves into thinking it wouldn't happen. Nothing's going to change, essentially. I mean, think about it. The church will continue to cave in on what sin is; people will continue to say it has no affect on society and children; people will continue to say evil things about gay people behind their back; America will continue to become "Several Nations, Rejecting God, Divisible, With Equality and Relativism For All." The nature of man didn't change. He has not evolved. This isn't evolution. It's devolution. The end is near, you say? Poor thing. You've missed it. This doesn't signify the beginning of the end. You've already BEEN ending. When was our nation upright and moral before God? The 20's? 30's? 40's? Please. In America's most Christian days, it STILL legally subjugated blacks. There has never been a time of true American morality. NEVER. God is merciful and patient. The Scriptures tell us Methuselah lived 969 years, as God awaited man's repentance. God gave Israel and Judah centuries to repent. We may never live to see the wrath of God on this nation. That doesn't mean there isn't a judgment to come. People mistake the kindness of God for the weakness (or absence) of God. Pity. Nothing in the verdict today changed my house, my mind, or my actions. So it should be for all of you. Live, regardless of your feelings on the verdict. Live as YOU please. In the end, either you tell God, "Thy will be done," or He tells you, "THY will be done." Our actions have illustrated that THIS is the will of America. So, live according to your beliefs. #ThisIsOnlyTheBeginning