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Safe Recovery- is a new show designed to address Predatory behavior in 12 step meetings, and it's culture. Join us to discuss new approaches in our world, our culture with alcohol and drug overuse. "Empowerment" not "Powerless" is our slogan. We will discuss and explore alternatives to AA. We want to support men and women who have written new books on healing from alcohol dependency/drug overuse. Alternative healing, both spiritual and secular to create our better selves is what we are all about. Living Happy Lives, sober or with moderation. You choose...Americans need to step up and be more EMPOWERED! No more powerless modality.

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What a great year. I finished 3 1/2 years of making the film The 13th Step. I was on CBS 48 hours and they told Karla's Story. AA was sued and served by Jaro and Hector Mendez her parents. We had over 188,942 listens and free downloads on Blog Talk Radio Safe Recovery. I went to Hawaii and had a vacation this summer. I met Anti D, Jason Bartley, the youtuber, Darlene from Hawaii, Julia from Colorado, was flown to Chicago to be interviewed for 48 hours and then met Matthew Leichter, who connected me with Brittany who was interviewed in my film and I met another old timer who left AA after 30 years, was a ciciut speaker and drinks normally now! I met a pilot who is being extorted to attend AA and I have been connecting many pilots.
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Join Monica & Kali for another episode of uncovering predatory behavior and bringing safety to all in & out of 12 step rooms.

Stanton began working on Love and Addiction (which was published in 1975) in 1970. In these forty years he has predicted a remarkable number of addiction trends. By now it is clear that the way in which Stanton has reframed addiction... more

Monica will host and Kali will co-host this in depth interview discussing the notorious 13 stepping behavior in AA meetings, it's culture and program. AKA Sexual harassment. Financial Scamming and the like-sponsorship... more

In a small town near Daytona Beach, Florida is a park (Holly Hill) where NA and AA meetings have been meeting for over 17 years. Recently a group of local concerned citizens near the park has had their lives threatened numerous times... more

A discussion around... AA's Original first and only text...The Big Book. Is it still viable. How can a religious fellowship be a place where our Judges are sending DUI's and Criminals. Narcotics Anonymous is currently in process of writing... more

"Keeper of the Birds" -A woman with many years of recovery faces the tragic loss of her son. "Keeper" comes to us with a chilling, harrowing tale of loss, devastation and tragedy. A fierce, honest, courageous woman, "Keeper"... more

Tom Catton has been in long-term recovery for thirty-nine years. His story appears in a twelve-step fellowship text with more than seven million copies in circulation around the world. Tom is invited to speak in the US and... more

I will discuss what we did in Southern California to address Sexual and financial Predators in the rooms. We have pamphlets, posters, and safety statements. Over 65 meetings throughout the US and growing are using the pamphlet. Call is... more

a one hour show with NA previous Board Member Tom Mc CALL talks about rage wth blogger monica richardson.

Discuss the safety, the culture and philosophy of AA. How do the traditions work today with Courts and Treatment Centers. Are these traditions outdated and misleading. Discuss sexual harassment and criminal behavior happening in AA.... more