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Safe Recovery- is a new show designed to address Predatory behavior in 12 step meetings, and it's culture. Join us to discuss new approaches in our world, our culture with alcohol and drug overuse. "Empowerment" not "Powerless" is our slogan. We will discuss and explore alternatives to AA. We want to support men and women who have written new books on healing from alcohol dependency/drug overuse. Alternative healing, both spiritual and secular to create our better selves is what we are all about. Living Happy Lives, sober or with moderation. You choose...Americans need to step up and be more EMPOWERED! No more powerless modality.

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Have you been raped by an AA member? Are you okay now? Did you report it? Why not? Were you in a rehab that was total 12 step nonsense. Did insurance pay thousands for AA meetings? Was your Blue Cross told about this fraud? Were you seeking real help and got "religion" instead? Have you wanted to do something to stop this and feel like " what can I do". Join Monica Richardson for a powerful 1 hour show, exposing the crimes that are occurring in AA today, in my city, in your city and no one is doing anything. We are. :) THe 13th Step the film exposes all of this.
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David Darmsteader guests with Massive on Why he left after 21 years in AA. His journey through the healing process in the Peruvian Jungle. Ayahuasca Healing Explained by David. Had more healing there then in 21 years in AA. David's... more

Creator of HAMS Harm Reduction radio show with guest with Massive discussing an alternative way to slowly cut back and reduce the harm of ones drinking when someone is not just ready for abstinence.

Join friend the girl and MA for a lively discussion about their massively successful blog

The Creator of hundreds of video's on youtube will join me on Tuesday night! Come listen, chat or call in.

George Quant has taught Meditation for over 30 years. UCLA has spent millions studying the positive effects of this practice. Is a Master teacher of meditation. His unique teaching methods have allowed thousands around the world to master... more

After 20 years in and out of 12 step and rehab Amy Lee Coy finds that her book gives her the tool she needs to heal completely from addiction. Amy is a singer/songwriter and published author. If AA/NA and rehab has not worked for... more

Join Monica and Tom Horvath for an in depth interview on one of the hottest newest Smartest modalities of healing. SMART Recovery® is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools... more

Special Guest, Jack Trimpey, LCSW, Founder, Rational Recovery. In 1983, Lois Trimpey forced her husband to choose between his long-standing alcohol addiction and remaining in the Trimpey family, his first reaction was rage. He... more

Join Monica & Kali for another episode of uncovering predatory behavior and bringing safety to all in & out of 12 step rooms.

Stanton began working on Love and Addiction (which was published in 1975) in 1970. In these forty years he has predicted a remarkable number of addiction trends. By now it is clear that the way in which Stanton has reframed addiction... more