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Safe Recovery- is a new show designed to address Predatory behavior in 12 step meetings, and it's culture. Join us to discuss new approaches in our world, our culture with alcohol and drug overuse. "Empowerment" not "Powerless" is our slogan. We will discuss and explore alternatives to AA. We want to support men and women who have written new books on healing from alcohol dependency/drug overuse. Alternative healing, both spiritual and secular to create our better selves is what we are all about. Living Happy Lives, sober or with moderation. You choose...Americans need to step up and be more EMPOWERED! No more powerless modality.

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Have you been raped by an AA member? Are you okay now? Did you report it? Why not? Were you in a rehab that was total 12 step nonsense. Did insurance pay thousands for AA meetings? Was your Blue Cross told about this fraud? Were you seeking real help and got "religion" instead? Have you wanted to do something to stop this and feel like " what can I do". Join Monica Richardson for a powerful 1 hour show, exposing the crimes that are occurring in AA today, in my city, in your city and no one is doing anything. We are. :) THe 13th Step the film exposes all of this.
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ONE YEAR on blog talk radio with massive. Celebrating over 50 shows and over 7,757 listens! Are you a man/women/teen who has lost his/her legs and will never grow new ones. (quote from Big Book of AA) Who was Bill W and what did he... more

Join Massive for an exciting interview with Jim Christopher founder of SOS (Secular for Sobriety) Save Ourselves a non religious way to stop drinking... over 27 years...Ask Jim questions or chat. After a few year in AA Jim became... more

I will finish up from last week my discussion on how viable AA's 12 Traditions are today compared to when they were written in 1945. Has the world changed since then? Has AA changed since then? "No opinion on Outside issues" have you... more

What exactly are the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Are they rules? Are they Laws that over ride the Laws of our constitution? Are they cult phrases that are being misinterpreted? Did Bill Wilson write them when he was taking alot... more

Join myself and blogger Dennis from Orange- Papers forum for a show that tells the tale of what it is like to grow up with parents deeply immersed in AA.

Join Donna Cornett Founder of Drink Link Moderation to discuss help for those with early stages of a drinking problem who prefer to learn to moderate then do abstinence. Call in questions will be 30 minutes into the show. 818-4759211

Happy Valentines Day! Join me for a 30 minute show on how AA/NA effects young people. Is it a good idea for parents to send their under age minors to an AA/NA meeting. Why? Why not? Are you a young person who went to AA and... more

From Mad to Sad, x members discuss how they felt as they left the Culty atmosphere of the 12 step meetings and culture. Join Massive and call in guests for a One Hour show on what are some of the ways people leave, why... more

WHat's REAL? Which is it? Religion. Faith Healing. Addiction Program forced on you by the COURTS of the United States of America. Is this the 1600's? What is meant by a spiritual program? Why do they get to tell you "HOW TO PRAY"... more

Join Massive for an hour of debatable topics, Are you powerless? Why has 12 step taken over 90% of rehabs and treatment Centers? How invovled is our governemtn with AA and making money in rehab. Why do parents think they... more