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Safe Recovery- is a new show designed to address Predatory behavior in 12 step meetings, and it's culture. Join us to discuss new approaches in our world, our culture with alcohol and drug overuse. "Empowerment" not "Powerless" is our slogan. We will discuss and explore alternatives to AA. We want to support men and women who have written new books on healing from alcohol dependency/drug overuse. Alternative healing, both spiritual and secular to create our better selves is what we are all about. Living Happy Lives, sober or with moderation. You choose...Americans need to step up and be more EMPOWERED! No more powerless modality.

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How deep is this rabbit hole? This last spring I met with a pilot who told me his story. When we drove away I felt how depressed and sad he was that he may never fly again. Why? Beacuse he has a problem with alcohol? No. Because AA members have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our culture and world only to tell them it our way..reliious AA or the highway. To tell even Nurses they have to go to AA for 5 years or no can do nursy job....WOW...WOW.... I am outraged....How can the FAA force a Pilot to attend an AA rehab ($40,000) and see an AA psychiatrist ( for $2,500.) to regain their flying abilities? Money and AA dont mix? Bullshit! If you or someone you know has been coereced and forced to AA dogma, has lost your job, lost wages etc we are rallying to discuss a civil class action lawsuit. Please listen and share everywhere.
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Monica will host and Kali will co-host this in depth interview discussing the notorious 13 stepping behavior in AA meetings, it's culture and program. AKA Sexual harassment. Financial Scamming and the like-sponsorship... more

Attention Parents and Youth...Please listen to this episode to hear about what you should expect if you go to AA or NA. Parents please accompay your child to all meetings and all events in 12 step. There are no persons in charge and... more

Here is a new site for bloggers that is troll free. Many bloggers left OPF and after Sinkin thinkin shut down ( although I hear its up again to post comments) we didnt have a place to go and communicate safely. Created by UK Blogger, mfc66, it is... more

George Quant Talks About Quantum Meditation aka TM. How UCLA did over $100 million dollars in scientific research with regards to how helpful Quantum Meditation can be. One of Safe Recovery's top downloaded shows. We are not... more Join Mary Ellen Barnes and Ed Wilson can contact them @ 310-541-6350 will join me for a 45 minute show discussing a truly non 12 step program they created. It is located in Palos Verdes. Please call in... more

Praticing for over 30 years in Pennsylvania, Barry Lessin joins me for a 1 hour show dicussing better ways to deal with addiction and alcohol over use with youth and how we can better help parents and their teens. How he came to Harm... more

Keeper Of The Birds, A long time AA member tells her horrific story of her son Thomas's death in January 2001. A pedohpile ring in our southern states were targeting AA meetings and AA rehabs for young teenage boys. After 4 years the... more

Ryan was 25. He lost his sister Sarah from Suicide last fall and I met him on the site. The threads are still there. Ryan and I became friends. I connected as a mom and as a freind. He told me about how angry he... more

Join Monica aka massive for a 1 hour show on why AA doesnt work for some. What happens in AA today. How is this harmful to some and where else can a person get support and help. I may read gunthars version of Chapter 5 one more... more

JOIN Massive for a 45 minute Show taking a humorus take on The AA Big Book and Literature, from the opening preamble, to Chapter 5 , Chapter 3 and the 12 Traditions. Would you see a Doctor that was using a manual from 1935? I think... more