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Safe Recovery- is a new show designed to address Predatory behavior in 12 step meetings, and it's culture. Join us to discuss new approaches in our world, our culture with alcohol and drug overuse. "Empowerment" not "Powerless" is our slogan. We will discuss and explore alternatives to AA. We want to support men and women who have written new books on healing from alcohol dependency/drug overuse. Alternative healing, both spiritual and secular to create our better selves is what we are all about. Living Happy Lives, sober or with moderation. You choose...Americans need to step up and be more EMPOWERED! No more powerless modality.

On-Demand Episodes

A one hour show with host Monica Richardson, activist, filmmaker and victims advocate for those harmed and forced to AA. After eight years of work within AA, then leaving AA, exposing it and trying to make change happen- I still... more

Join host and Documentary filmmaker Monica Richardson for a one hour show discussing how the lies are woven and told through story, film, TV and interviews with famous actors, writers, singers and musicians about what AA really is and... more

Join Host Monica Richardson for a 30 minutes show about deprogramming from any 12 step program. Simple and easy.

A conversation with a Southern California local about forced attendence to AA and host Monica Richardson. Unknown to Monica when she began the work is that 1,4 million people are forced by DUI courts to attend AA. Pilots, Nurses and Doctors... more

We called NY GSO last week and the week before. We mailed our petition months ago with almost 500 signatures. But AA NY has not called me back yet. I heard they were having a Board Meeting last week. Yesterday a blogger posted... more

Monica Richardson interviews Mike Bassett who is featured in the HBO New Documentary Risky Drinking calling in from ST Thomas. Mike was a radio and TV host in Denver, Colorado. He and his drinking was Documented in this 1 hour... more

Join host Monica Richardson, filmmaker of The 13th Step now streaming on AMAZON for a 1 hour show with Cult Deprogrammimng expert Rachel Bernstein. We wll be taking "live " callers to ask questions.

A live show and interview with Dr. Joe Gerstien from Massachusetts, with host Monica Richardson. Please join us live and in the chat room for any questions and comments. Joseph Gerstein was the Founding President of the Alcohol &... more

Join host and Filmmaker Monica RIchardson for a new live one hour show with a Pilot who is speaking out against being foreced to go to AA meetings, to go to expensive rehabs , even while sober. The HIMS program which was created by... more

After doing hundreds of shows, exposing AA, educating ourselves on the many free options that exist with issues around Substance abuse - It has finally become apparent to me that many are leaving the blogs, writing anonyously while talking... more