Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine

Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine


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The purpose of this show is to bring the voices and wisdom of women forth. Our Non-Profit Organization Sacred Woman has been dedicated towards empowering women and changing the world through that empowerment for the better. We are dedicating this show to create a global sisterhood by bringing forward guest teachers, elders, spiritual leaders and more on this show to talk about topics that need to be voiced. It is our hope that listeners will feel connected with all our guests, that their hearts will find the inspiration they might be looking for and that in each show we can bring something new to the table for you. If you are interested in the seminars, webinars and ceremonies by our non-profit, please check:

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Winter solstice marks a time of change, celebration and new beginnings. A time of great alchemy, when we shed our old skins and embrace a new light within. I am joined by Magdala Ramirez and Nancy Noret Moore on this special episode.

We are the bringers of change. We change and embracing it consciously is empowering. Something more powerful than that, is when we are able to change our relations and our way of living to bring new beginnings. Today we... more

In United States, racism has been a tool for separation, inhuman treatment, animosity, emotional, mental & physical disturbance. Most recently, in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown,an 18-year-old black male, was shot to death after an... more

This week we talk about the path of the ancient ancestors of light. The ones that knew the path of a true human being, the knowldege of dimensions,walking in high conscioussness and the ultimate journey of knowing ourselves, as... more

In this episode, we get together with Magdala Ramirez, Patrice Lange and special guest Dr.Danica Anderson to talk about women's trauma's, healing the trauma's, ovecoming painful memories and much more. Join us! "I am a world... more

After a short interlude, we get back to the hot discussions with Magdala Ramirez, Patrice Lange, Kwame Sunhorse and myself, Shrishti Yadav. We go deeper. The purpose of a woman needs to be one that is not given by men or by society. A... more

We talk about the Masculine side that can dance with the Divine Feminine. Where do the men stand this this dance? Where is the Divine Masculine? Our Special Guest today is Kwame Sunhorse. His spiritual organization is known A.T.U.M,... more

Today, we talk with special guest Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver, with Magdala Ramirez. Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver value her Native American and African ancestors. She received her indigenous education from... more

Ways of Sacred Sex, is part of women's ways. We are excited to be talking about Sacred Sex and so much more with Magdala Ramirez ,Patrice Lange and our special guest Lori Pardo-Cole. Lori Pardo-Cole is an Elder, known as,... more

This week we will talk about "Moving the Paradigm" with Magdala Ramirez and special guest Patrice Lange. Patrice grew up in West Virginia and She has worked in the feminine ways for 10 years. She feels fortunate to be able to for... more