Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine

Ancient Wisdom of the Feminine


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The purpose of this show is to bring the voices and wisdom of women forth. Our Non-Profit Organization Sacred Woman has been dedicated towards empowering women and changing the world through that empowerment for the better. We are dedicating this show to create a global sisterhood by bringing forward guest teachers, elders, spiritual leaders and more on this show to talk about topics that need to be voiced. It is our hope that listeners will feel connected with all our guests, that their hearts will find the inspiration they might be looking for and that in each show we can bring something new to the table for you. If you are interested in the seminars, webinars and ceremonies by our non-profit, please check:

On-Demand Episodes

Join me, Shrishti Yadav on a very special episode of an exclusive talk with Magdala Ramirez, a leader, teacher and healer from the Maya Mexica tribe. She is the founder of ceremonies (moondance, priestess, 13 hours of drumming... more

Join Magdala Ramirez with Danica Anderson and Sussana Koric Novi Travnik, from Bosnia, the leader of Kolo Sumejja to talk about sisterhood. This episode discusses women's issues especially after the war in Bosnia and grows into a... more

Join Magdala Ramirez and Candace Hill this wedesday at 6 pm central for our talk.

Preserving oral traditions also preserves the ancient ways of women. It preserves those teachings that were passed from woman to woman in different tribes and communities. These ways have nourished girls grow into women, women into... more

In this episode, we talk about the roles of women in modern times. We go deeper into wstrengthening our womanhood and making a difference in the world. Join Magdala Ramirez and special guest Brooke Medicine Eagle on this episode!

In the times of changes we look within ourselves to find that strength to uplift our souls. In this special episode, Magdala Ramirez and Lori-Pardo Cole help us to understand our own power and how to find it. They lead us deeper into a better... more

In this very special episode, Sara Truitt, Patrice Lange & Shrishti Yadav will be discussing questions prepared by Magdala Ramirez. Both Sara Truitt and Shrishti Yadav have been working in the ways of the feminine. The questions are as... more

Wishing our dear listeners a happy new year, we talk about the multidimensional nature of human beings. What does it mean to be living with awareness of our nature beyond what we are told? What are dimensions and how do we make... more

Winter solstice marks a time of change, celebration and new beginnings. A time of great alchemy, when we shed our old skins and embrace a new light within. I am joined by Magdala Ramirez and Nancy Noret Moore on this special episode.

We are the bringers of change. We change and embracing it consciously is empowering. Something more powerful than that, is when we are able to change our relations and our way of living to bring new beginnings. Today we... more