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The Multiple You Universe radio show is your place to discuss mysticism and metaphysics; and how they relate to various fields of science. Listen in to my show and you will better understand the evolutionary future of humanity. Now that scientists are gaining a better understanding of quantum physics, neurologists, physicians and other professionals are beginning to proove how our physicality can be improved utilizing metaphysical techniques. More importantly, our consciousness is on the verge of a tremendous shift for the better and it won't be long before all of us will consider this new field called Sacred Science as the go-to arena when we want information on humanity's upcoming evolution. My new book, The Multiple You Universe, is going to be available on, probably in January or February 2014 - I hope you enjoy it!

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The Philosophy of You is the second in a short series of radio shows to help us see our interconnectedness during what is being called the Conscious Evolution of the twenty-first century. In today's show we will continue to address two questions: Who and What are we? Sacred Science is the launch pad we use to discuss spiritual and quantum physics in relationship to the questions of Who, and What we are in the largest possible way; which takes place against the backdrop of Consciousness as the Master Creator for all life. This implies that we, too, are consciousness inheriting the ability of the Master Consciousness to cocreate our lives. If consciousness exists at the smallest level, it must therefore exist at the highest level of creation. We know from early quantum mechanics experiments that intelligence was seen at the sub-atomic level. Today we will look at our world, and ourselves as a coherent whole. This means we will need to consider what our relationship with others in this world actually tells us about ourself. In addition we will look at meditations and practices that can help us redefine ourselves as the frequency we are, in science fact, and how we can utilize our knowledge to change the way we see the old models of our behaviors and reenvision a new reality for tomorrow. Excerpts from Rev. Dr. Catherine Mary Quehl-Engle's dissertation, "Deep Abiding: Praying, Living and Loving From Inside Out" will contribute to this show, as we look at science research about prayer and meditations. In September, we will address additional concepts of Who we are becomming, during the twenty-first century. As a mystic I have seen a vision of the Age of the Quantum Human, and I am excited to share the fullness of this vision with you next month.
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The most commonly asked question in our world is, "Who am I". Unless you have amnesia, you typically would not begin asking this question of yourself until your forties. I say typically, however, we no longer live in a typical world. The question... more

Broadcast: June 1, 2014 Time: 11 am, central time Part III will be dedicated to the emergence of the human being as what I call, the Quantum Human, and others have called, homo universalis, or homo transitionalis. The truth is that there... more

Last month we began our show with an introduction to Andrew Harvey, a passionate man who founded the Institute of Sacred Activism, and whom I'm taking a 7-course module from, called The Christ Path. Andrew sees the earth... more

Today's show will cover the need for radical forgiveness, revolutionary sacred activism, and the perfect archetypes for Conscious Evolution as understood by your host, Rev. Cassandra Martin. Additionally, she will begin to discuss why... more

Sacred Sounds and Sacred Science For many years I have used my voice as an expression of my love to heal the broken things I see around me. Because I can still feel the pulse of the living heartbeat of the Mother Gaia even though the... more

Consciousness is evolving during the twenty-first century. I have seen in a vision that the opportunity exists for the Quantum Human, the species Homo Cosmos to emerge, alongside a better understanding of quantum physics & other science... more

Happy Awakening New Year, folks. The "theme" of my early 2014 Multiple You Universe radio shows is going to be "One Focus. Billions of Voices. Changing the World" because the truth of the matter is that humankind has always been able... more

Reincarnation can be spontaneously recalled or brought forth through the use of hypnotherapy. There is another type of reincarnation that refers to you having concurrent lifetimes that are linked through a singular time frame. And, you can... more

Last month we opened the door to discussions on the frequency of communications that are non-traditional. We will be continuing this conversation and will allow our callers to help guide where the show takes us. As your... more

If you are able to suspend your belief for a moment and clear your mind of your thoughts, I can show you the elements of opening to channeling. It is a process by which you allow your frequency to expand enough that you are able to be... more
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