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Puerto Ricans - The Forgotten Citizens

  • Broadcast in Politics



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In this episode, Sacerdotus speaks on the Puerto Rican as the Forgotten Citizens of the United States of American.  Puerto Ricans are naturalized citizens under the law, yet are often treated poorly and ignored.  Other Hispanic groups who enter the country illegally are far too often favored or aided more by the government and other institutiotns while Puerto Ricans are left to fend for themselves.

Puerto Ricans are as American as "apple pie," as the saying goes.  They come in a variety of colors and have a rich culture.  Unfortunately, they are not recognized for their contribution to American society and those that are recognized are usually in the entertainment industry. Futhermore, only 14% of Puerto Ricans own a bachelor's degree. Sacerdotus believes this is not good and feels that this needs to be addressed.  

Today we have politicians pushing for the "Dream Act" which will provide financial aid to illegal immigrants, yet no bills or laws are presented/passed to help Puerto Ricans pay for college and other expenses and they are legal citizens!  This is unfair and an injustice.  While we must help one another, those who are citizens and broke no laws should get aid first before anyone else seeking help.  This is the fair thing to do.

Unfortunately, some in the Catholic Church have alienated Puerto Ricans from the faith as well. Sacerdotus explains how and gives ideas on how to address this. We are losing too may Puerto Ricans to Pentecostalism and other Protestant sects.