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Perfect Records William Rundale Just for Remembrance, Just Some Roses

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Seeing Into the Future

Seeing Into the Future


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Pathé Records was a France-based international record label and producer of phonographs, active from the 1890s through the 1930s.

In mid-1922 Pathé introduced a lower priced label called Perfect. This label became one of the most popular and successful "dime store" labels of the 1920s, and survived beyond the end of the US Pathé label - discontinued in 1930 - right up to 1938.

Perfect Records was a United States-based record label of the 1920s and 1930s. It was originally a subsidiary of Pathé Records, producing standard lateral-cut 78 rpm disc records for the US market, initially priced at 50 cents.

Many issues of Perfect records were pressed in red-brown shellac as opposed to the more common black shellac of the era. Audio fidelity was about average for the era, but being a cheap label, the records tend to wear easily. Additionally, Pathe's acoustic recording technique was to record the performances on a giant sized cylinder and dub the music to create the disc master. This didn't degrade the acoustic sound quality, but records produced this way tended to have a lot of rumble that was not detected by wind-up phonographs of the day. But on modern equipment, there's quite a lot of turntable rumble and low-end knocking sounds. Their slogan used on the paper record sleeve was "Better records can't be made"       

Perfect Records 12000 (1922-1928)

12160 B William Rundle Just for Remembrance

(Bring Me a Red Red Rose )

Composers Parish-Young-Squires

PA32081 Tenor

A: William Rundle Just Some Roses

Composer McKenna

PA32081 Tenor