GoldRing Game of Enlightenment Solstice


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In Starting the Game you must Work Fast to Save the Planet from the Infestation of Selfish Power Brokers Your Job is to Build the Strongest and Biggest Marketing and Advertising Alliance in the World you Can. The Goal of The Alliance is to be as Prosperous as Possible and Strong by Living in Care Free Abundance. As an Alliance Now You Can Join With Other Alliances and Create Free Colonies and States. Before You Can Go on in Search of the Gold Ring You must End the Dishonest Money Game. When the Invisible Black Alliance Dies you will Find the Secret Key to Golden Age America. Now You Must Go Through the Final Doors of Initiation and Give Your Possessions Away. When You Give up the Key in the Final Initiation you will have reached the End and Will Find the Gold Ring This is a Real Game and Everyone Plays for Keeps. It is played on the Internet with REAL MONEY called Advertising Trade Credits. Win as Much as You Want, Buy, Trade, Sell, Exchange, and Create Prosperity. All Ages from .0001 to 1000 are Players. You Will Never Stop Playing. Remember you are your own Banker, Government, Publishing, Marketing and Advertising Company. You Make the Rules. You Make the Money. You Make the Deals You Win The Game Every Time You Make a Move. Make It Happen! The Game Starts Now!

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This is a show to continue to light the spiritual fires of initiation. The world is changing quickly and each one of us is given new opportunities to move forward.

As a community we are playing the game of Enlightenment and Abundance. The first step in the Game is the Ceremony of Asking, the second is the Heart of Creation, next comes the Circle of Abundance and then we go through the Fire... more

Accepting Transcendence is a GoldRing Show about becoming what you have chosen to become. Your Transcendence is your lighted pathway into enlightenment and abundance. Learn the path of the GoldRing - Rysa

The coming works of the Teachers of Light require the Wayshowers to be full aligned within their own beings to know they are the creators of the stream and follow within this path, their path, in accordance and convergence with the... more

The Earth has understood this reversal and experienced the result of this emptiness which has caused humanity to become self-concerned, materialistic parasites which have produced toxicity and rampant destruction of the... more

Awakening the Power Within to channel the energy of transmutation. Libra is the time of clarity, justice and harmony. It is a time where the Divine Feminine comes forth in pure presence and deep commitment to guide humanity towards social... more

Today is the Autumn Equinox and the Sun Moves into Libra which brings us to Balance and Harmony. This time is about justice. We will have guests on this show discussing the energies of Fall.

WE are Changing the World One at a Time by Circulating Abundance and Awakening the Light. I am forever grateful and thankful and especially excited by the support and power of our group to ground the GoldRing of... more

This show is to ask for the collective to come together to reach out and create the higher light media. The challenge is to bring together 10 million views and 100,000 subscribers to the GoldRing Community. The Time Frame for this is to... more

GoldRing Radio - You are aware of a time of critical mass that things are reaching a tipping point that there is a change coming, you are aware that there is a great deal of darkness in the world and the light is moving quickly into these areas.... more
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