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GoldRing Interviews RITA HRAIZ

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GoldRing Interviews is pleased to have the distinct honor of interviewing Rita Hraiz on her insight into the Age of Aquarius and the incoming 7th ray of COSMIC DIVINE ORDER AND CEREMONIAL WHITE MAGIC ~ how this supports the building of the new earth and keys on understanding the laws of manifestation from an esoteric perspective, and the difference between the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces, which was ruled by the 6th ray of Idealism Devotion and Mystery. Pluto in Capricorn, the inevitable fall of all structures built of greed and selfishness, the laws of Initiation and Humanities awakening from the understanding of Kundalini In response to the fears and concerns of the 2012 Mayan prophecies and some of the doom and gloom translations, I speak about the Divine Plan and its awesome unfolding, and inspiring look at our own part to play in our highest expression and service, and how to live our souls purpose once we can get off the emotion tread mill of Karma and obscuration. What are our Chakras these centres of force ? An in-depth look at our constitution, understanding how the major and minor chakras function and their role in our evolution. An in-depth look at the Science of Kundalini and the laws of Initiation The nature of Alpha Theta and Gamma brain waves and higher levels of consciousness going from 3rd and 4th dimensional reality into 5th dimension, How the Elohim have encoded the earth in ancient times and how through the awakening and more people consciously unifying and opening specific yantras this creates vortices and impressions of geometric imprints into the earth which may show up as for instance crop circles. In a similar way that through perfectly sounding the Aum it creates the geometry of the SRI YANTRA RitaHraizinMudra.com ritahraiz.ning