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The heart is the single point of connection to the divine. There are many centers of intelligence in the body and in a sense every cell is an intelligent being. However, the primary clusters of intelligence are the heart and the brain, specifically the pre-frontal lobes. The heart is an independent sensory organ and the connective link to the divine at an energetic level. The heart is a transmitter of love and pure energy if clear and un-conflicted. The secret war by the Black Alliance is to keep the heart hidden to cause it to be dismissed, diminished and to cause it to weaken its ability to become the center of intelligence. The Dark Masters only respond to one thing, power! They do not know of any other purpose other than power. The time for the transition is upon us as chaos is presumptive of the changes in evolution of our world and hence the ascension. The Secret Wars are designed to weaken the heart through turbulence, unease and through the acceleration of events. Time appears to be speeding up and this indicates there is a war within you that you are battling as more and more events are being processed and pushed to create a conflicted consciousness. Your energetic heart is holographic and multi-leveled. That means it is trans-dimensional and not situated solely as a biological pump or a receptacle of astral-emotional input. The ability of the rhythm of your heart to entrain with the beat of the earth and harmonize with the will of the sun is the music of the spheres. The heart beats with the soul similar to how its rhythms pulse through the body electro-magnetically. The heart of the soul is in accord with the heart of the sun, within the heart of hearts of the transmission of life itself.