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Dr. Roger Welton (known as simply Dr. Roger to his fans) is an experienced ER and general practice veterinarian. He also helps people and their pets through disseminating news and information through various media outlets as a reporter for the Veterinary News Network (VNN). He is the host of The Web-DVM, a syndicated YouTube video webcast, and presents this live podcast here at BlogTalkRadio. Both shows are embedded at his blog at, where he also posts links, participates in chats, and provides bonus content. Dr. Roger is the founder and CEO of Dr. Roger's Holistic Veterinary Care (, a site and product line that promotes natural healing, disease prevention, and disease treatment for dogs and cats.

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Dr. Roger delves into the increasingly popular trend of feeding dogs and cats raw meat as a staple of their diet. Although the veterinary industry as a whole is generally not in favor of this feeding approach, Dr. Roger presents this practice... more

Dr. Roger discusses the troubling increase in cases of this dangerous strain prone to becoming immune to our best antibiotics, while also having occassional ability to jump species and infect humans. Learn more about MRSA and how... more

In this episode, Dr. Roger discusses some simple priorites pet owners should strive for this year to provide optimal wellness and quality of life for your pets. Plus, Dr. Roger addresses three e-mail listener comments on the air throughout... more

Tonight, Dr. Roger reviews the state of veterinary medicine the pet care industry, and animal welfare in 2011, highlighting triumphs and new innovation, as well as discussing some of the less savoring news items and areas that need... more

Dr. Roger discusses the recent trend of pet food companies (and many pet care professionals) pushing the health benefits of grain free, preservative free, pet food diets. He begins with the origins of this movement and sifts through what is true... more

Dr. Roger discusses these controversial non-medical procedures and whether they are justifiable to perform or inhumane and unnecessary. Should we go so far as to ban these procedures? Plus Dr. Roger addresses 4 listener comments... more

Dr. Roger sheds light on the phenomenon that despite being statistically the US's most popular pet, feline veterinary visits are more often overlooked than their canine counterparts. What's more, this trend is getting worse.

Dr. Roger discusses enjoying pet fun this Halloween season being careful to avoid unique dangers this time honored tradition can pose for your pets. Plus, Dr. Roger addresses listener e-mail questions on the air.

Dr. Roger discusses legitimate modalities for finding afforable wellness veterinary care for you pet during challenging economic times. Plus, Dr. Roger addresses your e-mail questions and comments on on the air.

Dr. Roger begins his new season with the announcement of the completion of a project he worked the entire off season on - a project that stands to be of great benefit to pet owners! Dr. Roger also discusses the ever so common problem of... more
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