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Ruthan Brodsky

Ruthan Brodsky


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Ruthan Brodsky teaches women and men how to live a lifestyle that can maximize their health and happiness regardless of age. She believes that aging is a continuous and necessary process of change that begins with birth. She helps people understand that they can mask the outward signs of aging but they cannot change or reverse the process.Ruthan teaches that to age gracefully is to accept its inevitability and try to adapt to it by being in the best physical and mental health possible.

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The number of Web sites offering health-related recources - including information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)-grows every day. Many sites are useful. Others have information that is not correct or it is misleading.... more

People ask much from the bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments,nerves and blood vessels that make up the foot. After using our feet for transportation for decades baby boomers expect that kind of service to continue indefinitely. The... more

Good nutrition is necessary for keeping the body functioning normally, maintaining a healthy weight,and preventing disease. If disease develops, good nutrition helps minimize the effects. People never outlive the needs for good nutritican.

Exercise could be the most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine that you have. Americans have the equipment and the information about the many benefits of exercise but we don't do it. Yet we all know that exercise is critical for... more

A health, well balanced diet can improve virtually all cariac markers, while a poor, unhealthy diet can turn those same markers into significant coronary risks. Ruthan Brodsky will give you some key concept on which to build a diet geared for life... more

Some risk factors associated with increased risk of developing heart disease are related to the food we eat. Ruthan Brodsky discusses some of the risk factors related to diet including obesity, incresed cholesterol levels, high blood pressure... more

Eating disorders are serious medical conditions that occur when poeple become overly focused on their weight and body shape and food. Ruthan Brodsky explains how they may view their body in an unrealistic way and be... more

A healthy lifestyle can improve and, in some cases, eliminate many significant risk factors for coronary artery disease and stroke. Ruthan Brodsky talks about how you can reduce some of those risk factors.

If you could see inside your arteries, you might be surprised by the streaks of cholesterol on the walls that are clogging up your blood flow. Ruthan Brodsky talks about approaches to take to lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your... more