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Living & Thriving: Ed Lane, A New You Center

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About ED:

Ed Lane is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Trainer, author and speaker who loves helping people help themselves through the use of their unconscious minds.

Ed founded A New You Center For Hypnosis LLC in 2003 and since then has taught thousands of people to take control of their lives by stopping smoking, shedding pounds, managing stress, improving their golf game & other athletic pursuits, sleeping through the night and finding freedom from fears of snakes, spiders and flying, just to name a few.

The unconscious mind is like a high-powered super computer, and like any computer it is only as good as the programs installed on it.  Without programs it is quite useless.  Sadly, we don’t come with an owner’s manual so very few of us ever scratch the surface of the unlimited power of our mind.  Actually, most of the programs we have were installed without our choice or awareness.  They were installed by parents, teachers, preachers, coaches etc. without our permission.   Rarely do we take the time to reprogram our mind, but thru the use of hypnosis we can better achieve our dreams and goals.

For Ed, it all started back in 1980 while working for Prudential Insurance.  They had the foresight to hire a gentleman from Canada to motivate the sales force. We would drive down to Boston every other week for a full-day training.  We had a class on Attitude, The Law of Attraction, Goal Setting and more.  The man was Bob Proctor of ”The Secret” fame and the moment he started speaking my life was forever changed.  He taught us the amazing untapped power of the unconscious mind and I have been fascinated ever since.  I hope you will experience hypnosis and find the power of maximizing your unconscious mind.