Living & Thriving: Caroline Flohr, Author

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I will be speaking with Caroline Flohr, Author of Heavens Child. 

Heavens Child:

As a recently divorced single parent, Caroline and her three young children boarded the ferry on the Seattle side of Puget Sound for a fresh start on tranquil Bainbridge Island. And, while five-year-old Christopher quickly embraced the new adventure, eleven-year-old twins, Caiti and Sarah, remained trapped in a quicksand of rage and resentment. Though hurt and disappointed, Caroline was optimistic that the girls’ pain and confusion would pass.

But, after four years, when she remarried and was expecting her fourth child, the situation reached a boiling point that tore the family apart and sent the girls to live with relatives. When, at last, they came back together and the twins were days away from starting their junior year of high school, Sarah and seven other teens went for a midnight joy ride that ended her life, shattered her twin sister, and brought strife and discord to a formerly quiet and complacent community.

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