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The show returns this Friday, September 26! Get ready to be Russinized! Don't fight it...

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Get ready for an hour of pure bliss, as we head into the world of politics. Don't worry, though, this is not your grandmother's political talk show. I use my trademark wit and observational ridiculousness to take politics and ruin it's... more

Get ready for 1 full hour of me talking...doesn't sound fun? OK, it doesn't, but don't judge a book by it's cover. I talk mostly about politics, but with my world class wit and observational ridiculousness. It's a fun show you won't want... more

That's right, we're back for the final show of the week. Get ready for more fun and hard-hitting, barely researched opinion on what is happening in the world today. With me, your host, Russ VanAllen. However, it will be a prerecorded version of... more

The title might make you believe there is some cool story about how I fought the machine, and turned out victorious...but that is not the case. I just forgot to schedule my next show. What can I say? However, I never pass up an... more

It explains so much about my generation, and the things we do when you realize that they mostly get their "news" from the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and that British guy...or as everybody else knows them, comedians. Also, a... more

I'll take the week and ruin it's self esteem...and probably mine and several other peoples self esteem along the way. But it's OK as long as we're together. Listen live or archived while I share a little about myself. It'll be fun! You're about to... more

We've got a great show for you! I'm welcoming October in grand style! I'll be talking about the big news of this week (Per usual). I'll tell you the famous actor who retweeted something I said, and we'll delve into the story behind it (spoiler... more

Welcome back to more hard hitting coverage of what's happening in your world today. I'll be talking the news of the week here on America's only place to find the Russinize Your Day Show! Don't miss out because it's going to be a fun half... more

Unfortunately I made the mistake once of saying on Facebook that I didn't remember it was Friday to which a friend of mine so kindly posted Rebecca Black's song "Friday." It has since always jumped into my head to remind me... more

Hello folks. We had an official non-return of the show a few months back, but now as I have more time, and a lot more motivation I wish to dedicate it to rebuilding the Russinize Your Day Show yet again! Get ready for the greatest half hour... more