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Another start to another week. Start yours out just the right way with the Russinize Your Day show! Voted the number one show amoung my stuffed animals. Join me as I talk about Ferguson (however this show is pre-recorded so I won't have... more

What a better way to celebrate the weekend than listening to me. I've got a great, action packed hour. Full of all the gritty drama, and lighthearted comedy that will have every major network salivating with jealousy; and you simultaneously... more

Obama announced he's gonna just go ahead and act on immigration without Congress' go ahead. That's cool, America has always been fond of folks with absolute power to do whatever they want. I'll be talking about this, and much... more

It's a cold, blistery Monday in Michigan, but I am here to pour you a glass of hot cider, give you a shoulder massage and warm you up a bit. I'll be talking about "Grubergate" (if you don't know what that is, don't worry I'll let you know). I'll... more

This show is prerecorded and run by Tim the it probably won't go well. Regardless, the clock is correct. I've pushed back the time of the Russinize Your Day Show an hour! As we look ahead to continued growth and prosperity, I am... more

Well, I've been struggling to get my voice back. So today, we have a throw-back Monday episode where I delved into the archives of the Russinize Your Day show for this gem. This is an episode from last year, recorded on July 3rd. The day... more

Today may be a very quiet show due to me recovering from a cold and barely having a voice, but the show must go on. I did contemplate doing a best of, but the drive and desire to be over the airwaves is too much a draw. So here I... more

Well, well, well...we have got a great show for you tonight. There will of course be plenty of gloating, but we will get down to business and go through the results of the election last night. An election that saw the GOP take home some major... more

We are on the eve of the big, midterm election where the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance...or something like that. I'll take you over some of the new polling numbers, and what everyone is saying they think will happen. Get informed, it's... more

Today is halloween, but the show must go on...besides, I'm not 12 anymore so I do not attend parties and play least not on halloween. So join me on the scariest day of today, and we'll talk some politics (I know, terrifying... more