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From www.SHATTER THE DARKNESS.NET Training courses live on line with work books and more. Messages, insight and hope for us in this 3rd millennium..... Engaging the rise of radical evil in this the 3rd millennium. Exposing a dark agenda, the ancient fury of a fallen cherub. History and current events have dangerous claw marks all over them. A seduction and deception will plunge the world into chaos,violence and the desire for a new world order..............whose will it be? Preemption Broadcast's THE RAGGED EDGE is revealing the dark side of the supernatural weaving its way in all of society. This will be a time of unequaled counterfeit spirituality and deception. But there is an indestructable hope an we will offer this HOPE in every show.

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Join us in the Spiritual Warfare Course part 2 TUESDAYS AT 8PM EST TO 10PM STRATEGIC AND FUTURE How to know when your under spiritual attack * How to use your Authority in Christ * How to command demons out of the demonized * How to discern demonic presence * Spiritual Warfare battles Ritual Warfare Astral Projection Sleep Paralysis demonized objects ritual sites How to protect yourself, family and Church. Moving the Church forward to be what it is supposed to be/and do. Giving ministry skills... SEE here from more
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Biblical prophecy reveals that moral decadence wiil deepen spiritual deception. Sex rituals are meant to darken the mind and heart and build a platform for dark spirits. Sexual... more

The picture is painted, the words have been given. The world as you know it is moving at a supernatural rate.....don't get lost in the chaos! You can feel it in the air tonight.

In the dark, where most dare not tread they dance with the demons. Ancient rituals from the rare skinned covered ritual books. The powers are caled, they come and they take their place. They tear a hole in the veil and allow them to... more

Its a 'play' a dark ritual of human sacrifice ! Who plans this? Why do our own government leaders go there? Who are the victims and when will they tell? Have you been there......can anything be done?... more

The power of mind control has deeper origins than most think. How do you protect yourself? What is the main goal of this mind control and how can you break free?

There is a shadow government but its not what what you think.......its deeper, darker and more secretive than any agency or occult society that exists. To know its nature, agenda and methods will reveal a lot about where we are in... more

Here they come again. They have worked hard to get to our side. They know the laws of you?

As we near the time of the end.....and many feel it in the air. There are highly trained warriors. Some have called them 'BABYLON WORKING BABIES'others 'satanic warrior monks' Its clear from the Bible that the antichrist will need and... more

The fulfillment of ancient scripture is being seen daily. There is a new embrace with the supernatural and NOT EVERY THING IS AS IT SEEMS! How do you guard yourself from the dark side of the supernatural?

This is the week of deep secret ritual...Walpurgis Night ARE SATANIC POWERS REAL? OCCULT RELEASE AND AGENDA The fulfillment of ancient scripture is being seen daily. There is a new embrace with the supernatural and... more
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