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Russ Dizdar



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From www.SHATTER THE DARKNESS.NET Training courses live on line with work books and more. Messages, insight and hope for us in this 3rd millennium..... Engaging the rise of radical evil in this the 3rd millennium. Exposing a dark agenda, the ancient fury of a fallen cherub. History and current events have dangerous claw marks all over them. A seduction and deception will plunge the world into chaos,violence and the desire for a new world order..............whose will it be? Preemption Broadcast's THE RAGGED EDGE is revealing the dark side of the supernatural weaving its way in all of society. This will be a time of unequaled counterfeit spirituality and deception. But there is an indestructable hope an we will offer this HOPE in every show. http://preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.com/?badge=1

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If you can travel into the future would you? Is there an actual future to go to? Who knows the future and all its events with pinpoint insight? You are moving into the future and future events are moving toward you. Are you ready? The Abyss... more

The abyss, ancient cell for the darkest demons? Black hole? Just where is the Abyss? Will it really be opened......yes! How? and Why? When they come out of the Abyss and down upon the earth....who will they attack? Do you have... more

The past a type of the future. Prophecy reveals that the ancient nation/city of Babylon is a type of a coming global spirituality. This will bring an 'unequaled manifestation of dark spirits' as never before in human history. The rise of this... more

Once he walked among the fiery stones of God and was full of wisdom and perfect in all his ways. Now he is twisted, dark and not one ounce of truth, compassion, mercy or love remains in him. He is no longer walking in the... more

Just another corpse in the ground? What is death? Why do we die? What happens at death? Can we cheat or beat death? The physics of death ...........do the dead remain here? Can you see the dead? What about the second... more

Glorification.....a massively neglected revelation of Indestructible Immortality and the PHYSICS of God........or the mirage of a spiritual evolution of humanity, a coming transformation into....well into what? The luciferian promise revealed by... more

Were the ancient Mayans a kind and gentle people? Why then did they sacrifice 70,000 humans in the last year of reign? What were the rituals for? Do we really want this sprituality unleashed on 2012? Please take a listen to this ......2012ers... more

Old occultists have sought to cross breed a human a with the demonic, can this happen? Has it been done before. What about incubus and sucubus? And why do demons seek human sexuality? WHEN YOU LISTEN LET IT PLAY...THERE... more

We will look into the supernatural gateway that Roswell has become. There is less than 4 years before the massive event of 2012.........but what will it be? Is there a connection between Roswell and the occult practices of Aliester Crowley?

Biblical prophecy reveals that moral decadence wiil deepen spiritual deception. Sex rituals are meant to darken the mind and heart and build a platform for dark spirits. http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/preemption/page82.html Sexual... more
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