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From www.SHATTER THE DARKNESS.NET Training courses live on line with work books and more. Messages, insight and hope for us in this 3rd millennium..... Engaging the rise of radical evil in this the 3rd millennium. Exposing a dark agenda, the ancient fury of a fallen cherub. History and current events have dangerous claw marks all over them. A seduction and deception will plunge the world into chaos,violence and the desire for a new world order..............whose will it be? Preemption Broadcast's THE RAGGED EDGE is revealing the dark side of the supernatural weaving its way in all of society. This will be a time of unequaled counterfeit spirituality and deception. But there is an indestructable hope an we will offer this HOPE in every show.

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The Spiritual Warfare Course part 2 begins August 5th The class will be 2 hours of teaching, at times interviews and chat questions also The workbook for this course will be ready for order by August 11th here The first two weeks I will do interviews with others on the topic of Spiritual Warfare Thanks, Join us Russ Dizdar WORKBOOK VOLUME TWO SW Class 2/19/2014 here Begins soon ON TUESDAY 8PM - 11PM EST COMBINED WITH OCCULT CRIMES COURSE INTRODUCTION MP3
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'SLEEPER ASSASSINS' shooters Are there thousands of them among us? PROGRAMMED TO KILL AND SUICIDE Are there a legion of the troops of AC?

World mind.............the surge of a supernatural mind imposing, influencing, and imbeding itself on the brains of millions. Is there a global brain? mind?

UNCOVERING SATANIC RITUAL ABUSERS IN YOUR CITY Covens, locations, perpatrators and power centers Ez. 8 gives a way This will be a discussion of the existence of and operation methods of trans-multi generational satanic/luciferian... more

The Family Tree A True Account of Multi-Generational Satanism in America Today By Linda Stone The Family Tree--A true account of multi-generational Satanism in America today by Linda Stone is now available as an e-book This... more

What is it in our DNA/genes that moves us to death? Is death a disease, infection? How is death connected to the fallen prince of darkness? Can you feel death and is there a cure? Join us Feb. !st

In the yet to solve case of Jon Benet Ramsey murder we will discuss with Linda Stone who was from that area and was involved in the case. Linda has written a book on satanic crime, MPD called 'THE FAMILY TREE'

FREEDOM FROM MIND CONTROL AND ABUSE Listen as Russ talks to a personal friend who came from sra/mpd and found freedom and healing There is more than just survival, there is freedom, victory and accomplishment

COLLECTIVE VOICES OF THE ADVANCED BEINGS The spirits are speaking but are they who they say they are? My what big teeth you have mr spirit, ..............the better to eat you with my dear! Who do you listen to?

The occult crimes of the 80's and 90's have not gone away. We will look into the why and the how of the cover ups. A review of the new book PROGRAMMED TO KILL

In VBC he was druged taken and abused.
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