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Russ Dizdar



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From www.SHATTER THE DARKNESS.NET Training courses live on line with work books and more. Messages, insight and hope for us in this 3rd millennium..... Engaging the rise of radical evil in this the 3rd millennium. Exposing a dark agenda, the ancient fury of a fallen cherub. History and current events have dangerous claw marks all over them. A seduction and deception will plunge the world into chaos,violence and the desire for a new world order..............whose will it be? Preemption Broadcast's THE RAGGED EDGE is revealing the dark side of the supernatural weaving its way in all of society. This will be a time of unequaled counterfeit spirituality and deception. But there is an indestructable hope an we will offer this HOPE in every show. http://preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.com/?badge=1

On-Demand Episodes

How the luciferians have infiltrated the catholic church Riuals in the Vatican???

Do the demons push people to kill> Pastor Murdered and left in crucified .....

We will take a look at the ramping up of satanic rituals The coming ritual releash...a planetary wave of spiritual dark power

KNOW THINE ENEMY ....BOOK TITLE author C.A. Huft...August 23th http://www.amazon.com/Know-Thine-Enemy-Intelligent-Deception/dp/0982211929/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250472209&sr=1-1 C. A. Huft will be on live with us starting at 1145pm EST We will dive into... more

Join us August 16th 11pm est REINCARNATION Is this a run around? revolving door? or a deception that seeks to hide the reality of resurrection? What are the roots of reincarnation? does it really happen? Does the bible teach it or... more

Spirits how they get in and how you get them out. They are roving and looking, there is a massive agenda.............it involves you and the end of days

Remote viewer says he has talked to Jesus in his remote viewing experience. Did he? or was it a 'PLANOS' spirit The ramping up of massive deception.....a project from the darkside Join us this sunday at 11pmest

July 12th Spirits, spirit drugs and a charged globalism..........O My! YES WE ARE BACK AND READY TO GO July 12th Spirits, spirit drugs and a charged globalism..........O My! ROSWELL UPDATE......ENCOUNTERS WITH THOSE... more

Why do so many trust and want 'aliens' to speak and visit us? What is their track record? Why do they hide and play games. Do remote viewers really see them? Does US government seek their help?

SPIRITUAL CONVERGENCE IN ROSWELL NM Do extra dimensional beings have a grip on Roswell? How much influence is brought in during the Roswell alien celebration? What are the belief systems and experiences of... more
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