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Lori Michelle

Running on Love with GOD - by Lori Michelle


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Running on Love with GOD is a Blog Talk Radio program created to share with you a miraculous gift given to me by our Creator. My name is Lori Michelle and in April of 2009 I woke to the Voice of God Himself and He said "Go get pen and paper and start writing this down." In His infinite wisdom, God took away my physical hearing and caused me to go deaf. He then blessed me with the supernatural ability to hear Him and the spirit world with exquisite clarity. On April 8, 2009 I began writing and documenting my conversations with our Creator. From the beginning He said " You are on a mission." Now, many years later, I understand and accept my calling. My relationship, connection and conversations with Him are breathtaking and life changing. He says it is my life's purpose to share His voice with you and teach you how to get this life right. Please engage me in a conversation with our Creator and learn how we can come together in love and heal our world. Please join me and begin Running on Love with God and let's learn together how to bring peace to our world now.

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Due to illness this broadcast of Running on Love with GOD, Part 2 of equality, has been rescheduled from July 30th to next week, Sunday, August 6, 2017. We hope you will join us and listen then. Careful ladies, fighting for equality might... more

The Declaration of Independence states we have inalienable rights because "All men are created equal". Is this true? Growing up as a secular American, I was raised to believe in the Declaration of Independence. Its message is uplifting and... more

People often take chances and choose behaviors that are edgy and exciting even though they know they aren't appropriate. They desire a little fun and think that nobody will ever find out. Sometimes they choose to be just a little selfish or... more

People often retreat when new ideas don't match their beliefs. Why are people so attached to their own ideals and unwilling to even listen to another thought? Our world is undeniably in chaos. There are many other forms of evil that propagate... more

The state of our world is in complete chaos. We all recognize the ills of our world as war and terrorism. It is important to wake up to the many other forms of evil that poison our world and are destroying our planet. Many people are misled to... more

Divine Retribution Debunked! How does God's retribution work? Is there such a thing as Divine Retribution? Is a punishment or reward obvious? Many people view the concept of Divine retribution as receiving punishment for wrong doing.... more

In honor of Father's Day, we will discuss what makes a great father. Fathers of our world are blessed with children and many take this role very seriously. They are completely devoted to their children and love them deeply. What makes a... more

In our despair we often cry, pray and reach for God with all our might but sometimes the answer is no. Why? If He is all loving and compassionate why would He allow us to suffer? We see great pain and suffering in our world... more

Many of us have been the victims of psychological projection and suffered deeply over its painful effects. Projection is used as a form of self-defense where some people push their insecure and angry feelings onto another person. They are... more

What causes depression? Is there a cure? Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young adults in America. Why? Our world has many problems to say the least. People around the world are suffering from depression in record... more